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  1. i would like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday it  means alot to me, today was a good day hanging out with family and going out to eat with everyone.

  2. Changed my name: I am now known as Endercrystal. My account is   Endercrystal (1521776681). My other account has been sold and if you need to read me, pc me or do /f1521776681

    1. oj


      thats a cool name dude

      what if you get hit tho


    2. Griftlands


      then I will cease to exist

      but I will take whoever dares touch me with me


      after all, we all like explosions (KA-BOOM)

  3. i am a web developer and web designer and work on php, css, javascript, and html. i also know some ruby and python. i report abusive code and bypasses and i try to help xat out where i can.

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