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  1. there should be a power or maybe just gcontrol addon that limits who can see links when it is posted on the chat and who may and may not click links. for example if your a guest and a member posts a link or even a mod or owner you can set who can actually see the message therefore who may click it. "you must be a (rankhere) to view this link" it will be like forums that have links set to registered only but in this case you can set it to either all (even unregistered), registered, subscriber, guest, member, moderator, owner, main owner. you can set whitelist on which links to allows allow nomatter of gcontrol like if you still want to allow image links or youtube videos you can do so. or so will have 2 options. 1. set who can see/click links 2. whitelist url this includes all websites with the http:/// www. or extensions like .com. this does not include (link) power as that is its own thing i am talking about actual url. all these would work (example) http://www.google.com http://google.com www.google.com google.com even if you use https maybe add option in lang to change the message so instead of "you must be a (rank)" to view this link" or "you must be (registered/subscribed) to view this link" you can use your own custom message but you must have lang power of course so the point of this power is to limit links with options to allow certain things still pass even though its optional like images and youtube would still be allowed if you want them to. power image would be link logo with red x over it
  2. updated post please check added new information I mean like when you get new pc you will get number on top right corner how many new pc you have optional if possible: scroll down notification when clicked shows newest to oldest, and shows username of people who pced you and amount of messages they sent if second is not possible then first one is ok as long as people know when they get a new private message and can get to it faster and be notified of any new messages. I DONT USE WHATSAPP NOT SURE
  3. the mobile app doesnt show when you get a new pc you have to get out of the chat your in go back to the menu and go to your pcs. it would be nice if they added a notification bar or icon on top that flashes, the number of pcs or shows any new pc that you recieve. new notifications will show there and you can click it and go to your pcs and/or to that specific private message. not sure if this has been suggested before but I thought it something that would benefit everyone and useful. if anyone can illustrate how that would look like I would appreciate it... by adding a notification icon people can see when they receive a new pc (private chat) otherwise people wont know when they receive a new message unless they go back to the menu or go to their pc page. sometimes I would go check when I am in a c hat and I would have many old messages because I wasn't notified and do not know when I received them. you either visit a chat or check pc but you cant do both at least with this you can be notified when someone private messages you. not sure if this goes under mobile or suggestions since it is both a mobile issue but also a suggestion...
  4. then whats the benefit of size, big? same concept just for pawn... it think its unique
  5. you can lose value on days since people buy low and sell high and unless you know how to sell at high prices and keep up with days value I guess but like I said this power will not be expensive at all even if it is 25 xats each at trade you pay day value + freeze fee basically the rest is just what you pay to use this ability and you can use many at a time so you can freeze your days for up to a week is what I recommend or 5-7 days. once you use the power it is gone but this gives you freedom to freeze your days whenever you want when needed. if that's not worth at least 25 xats then idk what to say... not sure but this can be done the same method used as xd, or dx not much different but instead of xats and days it stops days and starts a 24 hour clock per power up to the limit which xat can set I am looking forward to html5 but that doesn't mean powers and suggestions will stop... just means xat will keep improving, and keeping up with the latest technology and update to latest version
  6. I have heard suggestions about the ability to freeze days using a power but the issue with that by admins volunteers is that they would lose a lot of money because people can freeze their time (days) whenever their want or forever so I come up with a solution. I thought the best way to satisfy the users and admins. of course there will be a limit how much you can use. fd (freeze days) or df (days freeze) it works like dx or xd where each power gives you certain amount of conversion but instead of that this power will give you 1 day of time freeze per power you have. it works the same way as xd or dx works and it will go away after used. this will be useful when you want to to freeze your days on certain day your gone or if you going away or afk this is the power for you. there will be limit max days. power will be cheap enough to be worth it and I know it would be little more than a day is worth but having the ability to freeze days for a day whenever it is needed is worth little more than day value 50 in store, 25 in trade. no more than 75 in store. xat will still make money but in return you get the ability to freeze time for a day when days are frozen your powers will not show and everything that requires days will disappear until your time is unfrozen you may unfreeze your time but this cant be reversed. and the power will still be used and will not be returned. how it works: 1. /fd or /df days you must have 1 power for each day you want frozen 2. once used it will be gone forever 3. you can use multiple at a time for freeze using command you must have the amount you are going to use. if you used 2 days you need 2 powers and that amount will be used. there will be a limit on how many days you can freeze so people don't freeze forever. xat will still make money even if the users freeze their day for 24 hours and users will be happy that they can freeze time whenever they need to. this is good if someone is going away from xat or afk or whenever they want to use it like on vacation or anything they want to use it on if you do the command again you can unfreeze your day but the rest of the time is gone forever and this cannot be reversed because since you already used up the power. people will be willing to pay a little more for this power because even though it cost more than an actual day you can freeze time on command while is why is cost a little extra and gives people the freedom and option to do so. like I said the power will affordable but still make little profit for xat so they wont lose money by freezing days and days wont lose value. each power is equal to 24 hours (1 day) of time freezing. the reason why I added the ability to undo freeze even though you wont be refunded is if an emergency happened or you want access to your days again anytime you want for any reason. this will be really useful in the future. even if the power is 50 xats in store, people will still pay for that for this ability as long as its not super expensive and even if 25 in trade, xat will not suffer from freezing the value of this power is up to admin of course what they think is best you can use multiple of this powers at a time up to the limit which xat would set to ensure this cant be abuse and to ensure boundaries when freezing days. once the power is gone it cannot be refunded or returned just like dx or xd. I already explained why the power is worth 50 xats and 25 in store not just because xat wants to make some profit but also because its value of day + freeze fee is basically what you are paying for. and powers and other things will be useless once days are frozen. that is all, I think I covered it all if I missed anything let me know
  7. hello
  8. Pole
  9. Movie
  10. noooooooooo k powers are so blah I liked the original name better (donuts) bleh
  11. not yet KEEP TRYING
  12. good design as long as their not called kdonuts I like this and explained well
  13. allows you to autorank someone it will work like link I know you can say that you can already do this with bot, but not everyone has bot and this will be for those people or people who want a xat version that does not require bot. id,rank, and so on so on example: 42,owner,1000,mod,100,owner,4200,mod price should be low and should be unlimited available ranks: banned guest member moderator (mod) owner bot can already do this, but I thought of the people who still want a group power version compatible with other group powers works with blastde, blastban, blastkick, blastpro functions same way as link when setup but just needed id and rank what do you think?
  14. next person cant use the letters a e and i. o and u are ok
  15. I like the idea I don't like people stealing my smilie code and it would be nice option to hide your smilie code from everyone else when someone tries to steal it