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  1. I want to see everyone's opinion before I actual do it, not sure if it is in the right section. I am not using the term to anyone I registered (today) it because it was not taken. google definition: a silly or annoying person. (I also own the chat twerps) question is: is twerp a swear word certain countries there are certain swear words and I don't want to offend anyone I want to promote it but not sure whether it is allowed or not so I need everyone's opinions
  2. congrats on winning... what did you win???
  3. I win
  4. 35 more pages to go can we hit it?
  5. do you usually wake up at that time... you wake up early or something?
  6. almost 3am here I'm tired too what time is it for you?
  7. don't you roll your eyes at me -shakes my finger at you-
  8. let's continue we will make it to 100 by the time this is closed and beyond
  9. Here are some more ideas: (will just be the head not full body, unless xat can make it fit somehow) sloths are not green, but hopefully if this power is made xat will make them brown and hairier sloth sfull splay sscared stired shungry sangry ssleep slove sshock s in front stands for sloth power: (sloth) unlimted 500 xats I got the of the emotions from here http://sloths.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/slothemoticons.jpg http://sloths.com.au
  10. 63rd page not quite there yet
  11. are you ready kids?
  12. agreed this is the truth
  13. sup how are you?
  14. bypasses ban I am still here
  15. nothing lasts forever