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  2. that is not the point the point is to treat it as a ban like reverse or other fun bans either for punishment or fun, or any other kind of ban it is similar or reverse instead of reversing texts, it flips text upside down while still keeping in the order written I know there is a tool for this but that is not the point of my power, there is also tool out there to reverse and reverse power still exists.
  3. no thank you for the everything for the opportunity and the chance I always keep screenshots of everything I do I have a folder of screenshots usually I delete tho after a week or so and 1 month for the really important ones.
  4. original account: QueenAnime (1521776681) new account: forumaccount (1526704258) I am currently at xat_test you may find me there confirmed received nameflag and flag I had took screenshot for verification and everything went well
  5. the same name as my forum name QueenAnime (1521776681) I messaged you my username and id in message as well
  6. I listened to both versions and some covers it was close when I posted someone almost won me as first post seconds away.
  7. Of All The Things by Regine Velasquez original: Dusty Springfield
  8. I also think this should of been included to rapid. there is no need to have another power. I wouldn't mind having this on rapid and have rapid be worth a little more but I think having it as a separate power is not really needed! just add it to already exisiting rapid power and increase rapid a little. I wouldn't mind paying little more if this was added like I said before exactly how I feel about this and about other times xat did this exact same thing. and editing a power would be easier than creating a totally new power.
  9. it would have the same purpose as reverse ban. I agree since there is already a reverseban, why isn't this a thing already
  10. again Xavi is only for avatars but yes adding a back for smilies and gback would be nice this is for smilies and gback and not for avatars and customizations of avatars like Xavi does.
  11. Xavi is for avatars and customizing avatars the concept comes from Xavi yes but this is for smilies and gback. human back for smilies and availability for gback you can use any smilie combination for this and make any changes even the skin tone other things you can add are hair, hats, eyes, mouths and anything else you want using smilie combinations. the point is for any power and smilie to work with this and is for chat and not for avatar like Xavi. Xavi is for xat avatar mostly this is for for smilies and gback to use as a base for smilies and power combination I got the idea when I saw Xavi yes but this does not have the same function as Xavi but it is based on a similar idea. think of it as Xavi for smilies instead of avatar with gback compatibility I hope this clears everything up
  12. flipban (avatar can be a pawn flipping upside down) flips your text upside down whenever someone is banned. this will be similar to reverse but instead of everyone being reversed, it will be upside down hello how are you for example will either be oןןǝɥ ʍoɥ ǝɹɐ noʎ or noʎ ǝɹɐ ʍoɥ oןןǝɥ while flipbanned your pawn will be upside down so people know you are flipbanned your unbanned when your time end, someone unbans you. I think it should be oןןǝɥ ʍoɥ ǝɹɐ noʎ (left to right) same as original text because it will still be the same order you write the text just upside down basically everything you type will be the same order as you original written but will be upside down.
  13. well this can be discussed but the point is to have more humanlike smilies. the power is convert smilies into human. the main purpose it to allow any smilie combination or powers on this to create your own humanized smilie. the other part of this is to allow this to be a gback to add any face you want to the human power. the reason why the face is missing is because you have to add it yourself using your own smilie combination. you can use any smilie combination and I want to make sure any power can be used with this to create your own creation. you can add your own face, hair, eyes, mouth, hat, and other accessories using other powers and smilies. of course to use as a gback you must have gback power. instead of having yellow round smilies put your smilies combinations and faces on a human head. so many face creations possibles. thank you for your support the price is just what I thought was fair for this type of thing. but of course admin have the final say in price and concept but the point is it being humanlike (human head and face) and able to be used with gback. think of this way this power is adding a different kind of outline for smilies instead of yellow round bodies it is human head shaped and you can customize anything and even change the skin color. the face is a new kind of outline for smilies and creation that is the point instead of the current body of all smilies. imagine goo on this rather than a yellow round smilie or any other smilie. I will just call it a new template for smilies and powers and just leave it at that.
  14. Power: Human Availability: Limited Cost: 1,000 xats human liked smilies (this Is not Xavi) this power will let you put any smilie on a [human]face. by default it is a blank face. this can also be used as gback which is one of the main purposes of the power. you can add any other smilie combo to this to create a custom face or even use hair power to add some hair. I know there are anime powers already with faces but this one is more humanlike and can be customized more and by default is a blank face. rather than have different smilies for this the power is just a blank face which the face (skin) color can be changed by using colors if you have the color powers. the point of this power is to have more human liked smilies and add any smilie combo to this power. this can be used as gback which is another important element. with this power, you can convert you smilies into more human like smilies and add any smiley combination. I got this idea when I saw Xavi and thought what if it was compatible with any smilie combination and you can use it as your gline (gback). default face: (spin only to show entire look) ability to convert you smilies into more human smilies 1. human like smilies 2. use any smilie combination on it to add face, hat, hair, etc3 3. can be used as gback yes you can change the skin of the human if you have color power the point of this power is to 2 to things: allow people to convert and make human like smilies and allow human like smilies as gback. I know there are powers out there with faces but those are either anime based or yellow smilied based. I wanted to make a more human like smilie that is 100% customizeable. things that can be changed or added are examples: skin face, color change, hair, glasses, accessories, etc. I always see those normal yellow smilies all around always the same look but what if you can make your own custom human smilie where you can make the same smilie as before just more human like. that is the half of the point the other which is gback compatibility. it is similar to how gback look but a little more human than that. there is already alien power, so why not a human power to convert your smilies into human. what do you think of my idea?