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  1. Hm, this is kinda hard thing to make the best photo ever. But not unreal. Once I bought a professional camera Nixon and decied to take pictures of what I find beautifull around me. The picture I am posting means a lot to me, cuz it brought me a win in one of the online contest, so I want to share it with you. Don't be shy to say what you think about this one: PS: if you want to try to compete for the best picture,the best online contest I can advice is https://www.voubs.com/
  2. Michael88flo

    My designs

    Everyone's looks so amazing. Great job guys!
  3. to my mind cool update, but now everypower is 100k more expensive.:)
  4. could add a button for these bbcodes to the toolbar, for an example YouTube, it asks for the size.you want for the player and link. (you could even have a tick option to make it invisible)lol
  5. What is up in the world of art?;)

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