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  1. Henrique


    It's a great suggestion, they could create a second version of power sport> sport2, with those sports you mentioned above - boxing is also a good sport that should be included as a smilie and as a hat, the hat could be the helmet of the boxing mks.
  2. Could they have implemented such functions in the power reverse and made another useful power instead of this one? Absolutely, but life goes on.
  3. We can say that it is a more appropriate "version" of power reverse. Liked it.
  4. Wow, congratulations to those involved in the idea.
  5. You did, but it wouldn't be mandatory, as they spend 50% of their time on the platform and the closest users are aware of the platform's conditions, why not? Did you also read the topic of investment by users too? Here's another suggestion, it would be optional and I'm sure some would help. What I don't really agree with is to force the user to buy a day in order to have a resource that on the competitor's platform is free, I emphasize once again: this way no investor will come because the number of users will continue to fall. It's better to start changing now before it's too late.
  6. @Sydno xat will only be able to attract investors with many users accessing the platform, and for users to access the platform they need to like the content. Can you imagine a Discord user accessing xat for the first time and knowing that 50% of the resources are simply limited? That a simple reaction feature that right there on the platform he came out of is COMPLETELY FREE. Do you understand where I want to go? It's very simple.
  7. That's why xat doesn't grow. Do you want to trade resources that shouldn't be traded, because you volunteers don't start investing in xat with a certain amount? I understand that you are volunteers and not investors, but if you want to continue with the platform and see it at the top, why not help the admin with some investments? A kind of "kitty"? Why don't you create a topic asking for a certain investment from users? I believe that users should be aware of the conditions of the platform, as we users have ample freedom to discuss and suggest improvements to xat. I know nothing is free, but I don't believe xat can't afford this feature. It's unfortunate the way things are taking. A simple reaction feature being marketed, that's where you can see how retrograde xat is. Well, I hope the admin will consider this suggestion for the future. It's not the same thing because such a reaction feature is free, the user is not required to pay to react to a simple message.
  8. It's unfortunate. As we know, Discord is somehow a competitor to xat.com (as are other social networks too: as insta, fb...), but Discord is the main competitor and there on the platform you don't need to get the " nitro" to react to messages from other users. It would be interesting for xat to opt for a free feature rather than daily subscribers. We are in the 21st century and we cannot be left behind in this regard, not everything is marketable!
  9. It was not designed, but it would not be a bad idea if it was designed out of the chat box. As @Kale mentioned above, the main idea is the option to move the youtube player out of the chat box, so that the user's visibility improves and he can browse the xat while watching something through the player.
  10. @JuniorI know it's possible to minimize, but it's always a good idea not to limit users. The minimize option is perfect for listening to a sound, watching something like a podcast and keeping an eye on the chat, for example, it wouldn't work (minimizing wouldn't be the best alternative to solve this visibility problem.) Thanks for your comment and for reading the suggestion.
  11. Hi, my suggestion is around the youtube player that is practically in the middle of the screen inside the chat and it would be interesting to be able to move the youtube player out of the chat. I would also like to suggest an option that could change the color of the player, it would be up to the user. It is not relevant that xat has to worry now, but it is an idea that I had because it bothers me to have to move the pop-up all the time to have better visibility.
  12. I have already contacted you, thank you @xLaming
  13. Bom, se já responderam o seu ticket o que lhe resta é apenas seguir as orientações dos voluntários. Normalmente os voluntários realizam algumas perguntas de segurança para saber se você realmente é o proprietário da conta, e aí eles resolvem o problema. Pode ser que você tenha "falhado" em alguma pergunta, não sei dizer ao certo. Você pode entrar em contato com algum voluntário no privado e procurar entender melhor sobre o que aconteceu, e tente entrar em contato com o Yahoo para eles lhe darem um suporte também.
  14. Quaisquer erros que aparecer ao tentar abrir o ticket você pode relatar aqui com uma captura de tela, que iremos lhe orientar.
  15. Olá, você consegue realizar login normalmente na conta? Se a resposta for sim, você pode solicitar a alteração de e-mail para que possa alterar a senha futuramente abrindo um ticket sob o departamento "Email Change/Hint". Vá em xat.com/ticket e clique em "Open New Ticket"; Preencha o formulário em inglês; O campo "Subject" é o título do ticket e deve conter no mínimo 5 palavras; Em "Message" você relata que está querendo alterar o e-mail pois não consegue alterar a senha da conta com o e-mail atual. Vale lembrar que o xat.com recomenda o uso do Gmail, então você só poderá optar por atualizar endereço de e-mail para o Gmail; Após preencher todos os campos, verifique-os corretamente e clique em "Open Ticket" para enviar.
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