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  1. Sí, borre las cookies/cache de su navegador, intente iniciar sesión nuevamente y vaya a la página del ticket y complete el formulario nuevamente: el campo "Subject" debe contener al menos 5 palabras en inglés, así como el campo "Message", todo en ingles. Luego haga clic en "open ticket" para enviar. (Entiendo que ya no es posible abrir un ticket usando el correo electrónico asociado con la cuenta xat, por lo que debe iniciar sesión.) Siguiendo todos estos pasos no hay error.
  2. Intente usar el correo electrónico como dije anteriormente. O comuníquese con uno de nuestros voluntarios y pídale que le abra el boleto.
  3. Compruebe que está ingresando la contraseña correctamente o que el campo "Subject" contiene al menos 5 palabras en inglés. Si el error persiste, intente abrir el ticket utilizando el correo electrónico asociado con la cuenta en el departamento "A General Question or Concern". (para que pueda usar el correo electrónico, debe borrar las cookies/cache de su navegador o acceder a una pestaña anónima, luego puede acceder a la página del ticket nuevamente y completar el formulario).
  4. Hola, asegúrese de que el campo "Subject" contenga al menos 5 palabras en inglés. Y si es posible enviar una impresión del error que aparece al intentar abrir el ticket.
  5. Hello. Your reserve will reduce over time, if I'm not mistaken, 50 xats are released per day, but you can open a ticket if the amount of xats that are in reserve is high, in the "Payment Problems" department; You can open the ticket by clicking here; In the "Subject" field you must contain at least 5 words in English. (use the translator if necessary) In the "Message" field you report what happened in English, in case the amount of your xats in reserve is high. Finally, just click on "open ticket" and wait for a response from the volunteers. You will be notified via t
  6. Hola, si abriste un ticket lo que queda es esperar a que los voluntarios respondan a tu ticket. Son innumerables las entradas creadas por los usuarios a diario y el retraso es algo normal, pero puedes ponerte en contacto con uno de nuestros voluntarios para conocer más información sobre él. haciendo clic aquí puede acceder a una lista de todos los voluntarios de xat.
  7. Honestly, I don't think it's a good idea. We already have many powers for the name, and expensive ... xat would be very polluted, it would be a big headache. The power LED itself is already a headache and few users use it. (the name keeps moving.)
  8. I believe that Ajuda and Ayuda are accounts managed by the xat team (Admin). Since it is not possible to obtain a shortname with the name of official chats, both to preserve the image of the chats. Can you imagine an inappropriate user with the shortname of an official chat? It would be bad.
  9. If you try to buy a shortname with the name of xat5 for example, you will not be able to. A message will appear stating: "name not allowed. Please try another." So probably the short name "HELP" is from someone who is part of the xat team. Probably some admim? Likewise with IDs.
  10. If I am not mistaken it is not possible to use official chat names as regname. These three accounts are probably managed by someone on the xat team.
  11. feliz aniversário,@Pagemuitos anos de vida, que você consiga realizar todos os seus sonhos e objetivos. ;)

    1. Page


      Obgd amigo, que possamos realizar todos os nossos objetivos 

  12. @SolangeI understand your concern, but I believe that just a verification symbol will not do much to combat these false volunteers. My suggestion would be instead of creating a specific pawn or adding a checkmark, give a way to add "registered volunteer online" next to the pawn, it would be more explicit and objective than a humble symbol: And about what was suggested in relation to the reseller's pawn, that really wouldn't be useful and necessary at the moment; On the wiki page, it says that xat.com does not recommend purchases made from resellers, that the user is s
  13. I came back with xat recently and didn't see what they had suggested, thanks.
  14. Hello. We already have pink, blue, purple, gold pawns and why not a shiny silver pawn? With the same concept as the gold pawn: the pawn + smilies. I don't know if it would be possible due to the rank mod pawn being white, but I imagined the shiny and slightly shaded silver pawn to differentiate it from the classification mod pawn. There are several shades:
  15. Indeed. A back button would be useful.
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