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  1. Hello, You must fill in the required fields correctly, you are probably missing the "Subject", this field must contain at least 5 English words. Example: If you are having other problems while opening the ticket, you can contact a volunteer so they can do it for you.
  2. could have a smilie with a sarcastic laugh in the same style as the smiley (hehe#)
  3. This would be no problem if they created a button to report this kind of thing. @Meow Or you could use the "Inappropiate" button on the same xatspace to report inapp PCBack. Great suggestion.
  4. I did not understand exactly what you want, the goal is to do a skin cleansing, right?
  5. Hello, To get a new ID, you will need to do the three steps below: 1° Right-click and then click "Settings" 2° Click the paster icon with a green arrow and select "Deny", then click close and refresh the page. 3° Right-click again and then click "Settings" and select the folder icon with the green button and this time select "Allow". You will now have a new ID, and you can register a new account. Click your name in the list of users and then click "Register" to create a new account: NOTA: The options are in Portuguese. Configurações: Settings Negar: Deny Permitir: To allow
  6. Hello, If this user has stolen, you must open a ticket in the "Report Scam" department (with or without evidence that it will be investigated), remembering that the Subject field must contain at least 5 English words if you do not know the language you can use Google Translate or Bing. (you don't have to be a paid user to create this particular ticket, but you must be logged in) !If you have any problems opening the ticket, it is recommended that you clear your browser's cache/cookies or contact some volunteer reporting the problem that he will open for you.
  7. Not exactly a movie, it's a new series on Netflix called: "Iron Fist"
  8. @Angelo
  9. Yes I understood what you wanted to suggest, the full user name and not just the letters.
  10. Until that is not a bad idea, with the NUM power combined with FADE would not look so cool to my opinion, the power NUM source is not so pretty and I think that this power(NameType) is not that hard to do, it would also be interesting to change the speed of disappearance but with a limit. (or not) It's like using power fade + nameglow, namecolor, namewave or nameflag in the username, it's a great idea in my opinion bro.
  11. Seems like a great idea, would not it be a power, but a standard feature? If it is a standard feature it is a great idea man.
  12. Hello Charlie, Welcome!