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  1. To create a ticket, go to https://util.xat.com/support/open.php. If you are logged in, your xat ID will automatically be shown in the "xat username" form. If you cannot login, you can simply enter the email address associated with your xat account on the form. However, some topics require you to be logged in (view table below). In this case, you can open a ticket on an alternate account. To learn how to make an alternate account, read the New ID article. In the next field, type your xat.com password for the corresponding username. Under the "Help Topic" field, select a topic from the dropdown menu related to your issue Once this is complete, enter the subject for the ticket (ex: I am locked out of my account). Ensure that your subject is at least 5 words. The final field (Message) is for explaining the issue you are having, or what you need help with. An example would be, "I am locked out of my ID 12345678, please update my location." You need to put a descriptive explanation of the problem you're having. If you are locked out, include any details that will help to verify that you are the account holder. These details might include your old IP address, the account name and ID number, the number of xats/days on your account, internet provider, previous location, etc. Then click “Open Ticket” and wait patiently for a response. You will be emailed when you receive one. If helpful new information arises during the meantime, or if you forgot to include something within the message, you may reply to your own ticket. You are permitted only one open ticket per account. If you already have an open ticket, but require another one, you may reply to the existing ticket with information regarding the issue you are having, making sure to mention that it is a seperate issue, or you can contact a Volunteer and they can open another ticket for you. Please note: you must be a PAID USER to open a ticket under some help topics (view table below). A paid user is considered as someone who has bought xats from the xat buy (xat.com/buy) page. If you are not a paid user, you may go to https://xat.com/support and register on the forum (Top Right > Sign Up). Then, you may ask a question in the general support section. Or, you can ask a question on the help (xat.com/help) chat. This will show your xat username with a message saying "Authentication Required". Enter your xat password and you will be lead to a list of your existing tickets (see example 3): Select the ticket you would like to view. Here, you can either respond if your problem is not solved or if you still have any questions. If you feel that your ticket was fully answered, then the ticket is complete. Another way you can check an existing ticket is through your email. You should have received an email from xat regarding a response to your ticket. Simply click the link provided in the email to access your ticket. Ensure you are checking the email associated to the xat account you created the ticket on. Ticket Volunteers To see a list of the current ticket volunteers, see the volunteers page.
  2. 1 foolsday -fospider 2 transport - tportal 3 lovemix - lovecutie 4 vacation -vacgelato 5 nursing - noxy 6 sparta - xerxes
  3. If you're using a public hotspot, you need to get ports 10000-11000 unblocked. If you are running your own firewall, make sure 10000-11000 aren't blocked. Install the latest version of flash from adobe: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/ https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Troubleshooting
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