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  1. I am in desperate need of a volunteer please lol - SO after a week I was finally able to get my xat account unlocked. After that I was told I would be placed on a 7 day hold. Which is fine! I totally understand the 7 day hold. But now I have a new issue. A friend tried to give me 7 days to hold me over till i go buy some from Trade ... and he received ERROR 26. I'm getting conflicting answers on what ERROR 26 really is. Error 26 shows its an account block, indef from trading. But trade says that its because my account isn't activated. My account is probably 7 years old. I no longer have the activation link to reactivate it. So I am not sure if the volunteer that helped me made a mistake and instead of a hold placed a block or what exactly happened I was able to file a blocking ticket but its been 5 days and is showing "Open" and no one has responded. I tried tonight to file a new ticket and now I am getting a flash error. Which I don't have. Every step is correct, and my browser looks exactly the same. I have never had a problem filing a ticket and I asked my friend to try to file one and he said he has the same error. I am so confused lol please can a volunteer help please? Thanks!
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