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  1. Real Madrid pls, barca is ded
  2. 343, 949, 147 cashmerenoose (1474032949)
  3. Which is really appreciated, xatspaces aren't the same without music. Ty!
  4. These are my entries. V1 (Text created in Cinema 4D and edited in photoshop, the base image has a not so visible bubble effect plus polygon pattern and more stuff overlayed) V2 (Simple text made in photohop, BG with really small edits and details, the base image has some aesthetic clouds and more stuff overlayed) V3 (Simple text made in photoshop, I love this one, Base image has.. it's pretty obvious)
  5. Better late than never Inner Outer V1 (No text/logo) Outer V2 (text/logo included) Buttons color: #042232 - Credits - Thanks to Manu for the original outer template, to the publisher of the original inner and outer BG base picture. Original inner picture: http://i.imgur.com/0LAq0r3.jpg Original outer picture: http://i.imgur.com/1HTLu47.jpg
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