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    Most of the time in my chat even when I am logged in, the word "help" posts every second saying 30s, 20s, 10s ect ect, Then I try to log in again even if I am logged in because it was suggested that I log in again and i get a message to check my email to log in. So i check my email, click the link and then log in, then am asked to check my email again and again. I finally rest my assword pretending I forgot it hoping it will clear things up, Is everyone having these problems? I even have my security turned off and it continues to do this. I have to find another chat box by today because it continues to do this and I have scheduled chats for clients. I wish I could be reimbursed for the xats I bought since I cannot us them..my suggestion is to resolve these things for people so we will keep coming back
  2. Hi. At one time, I was the only one with a gold icon, as the owner of the room. Today, every visitor had a gold icon and I was unable to click any buttons (they were whited out) to try and remove them from having gold icons or even make them moderators. I bought xat Days in hopes it would restore my ability to change their status yet it did noting. Can anyone tell me what to do?