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  1. Its saying i need to be a paid user to open the ticket
  2. The email for with my xat account was deleted so i cant log in anymore. is there a way i can switch it to a new email?
  3. This site works. Thank you. Do you know how to make the song start seconds later with this code? I thought it was autoplay= but when i change the number the song doesnt start at all anymore
  4. Xatspace music doesnt autoplay for me nor can I hear anyone elses anymore. Is this due to the html5 switch or what?
  5. Burgundy


    The username is ghostemane. I cant figure out the id number but thats the user.
  6. Burgundy


    I just got the email however it was for a different account that i dont use anymore. When i put in the ticket a few hours ago it was for a different email. 206662265 isnt the correct id
  7. Burgundy


    I've been checking my email and I havent had anything come up regarding the ticket yet in my inbox
  8. Burgundy


    Can someone help with my lost Auth Ticket thats pending at the moment? If i have to wait thats fine too. Just wondering if I could have assistance now.
  9. How are people able to make their xatpaces interactive when you hover or click on them? I've even seen people use tumblr webpage code as their xatspaces as well. However when I find a tumblr code and post it in the appropriate css area, nothing happens and the code disappears. I have the xat.me power. Say I wanted to use the css code from this site for example: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/JNMQXY
  10. I loss my authenticator code and it wont let me create a ticket to resolve the issue. It keeps saying "Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again!"
  11. Problem was solved. Thanks 6.
  12. Nothing i'm doing is working. It makes it tiled regardless if its 1080 and when I use fexbot. Can someone post an example code with a picture in it?
  13. How do people get wallpaper on a xat chat without having it tiled? Meaning without it repeating multiple times. I just want one stretched out image as the wallpaper. Is this done through Fexbot or...?
  14. Burgundy


    The ghostmon hat doesnt work correctly for me. Is anyone else coming across this problem at all?
  15. Is there a way to start music later on using the BB code format? Such as starting a song 30 seconds in?
  16. I trying to use my debit card to purchase Xats and days and it keeps saying "Your transaction was declined. Please retry your transaction." I set up a paypal and tried paying that way and it wouldn't go through either. I called my bank and they said its a problem on Skrill's end. Please help.
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