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    good power, finally a power that is not repeated, just need to remove powers of function or fix bugs etc :) if they do that, users will not get bored, another council will heed the suggestions of the users, there are users who have great ideas for xat.com ;) 

  2. 5 hours ago, Elea said:


    Why not repeat some themes? It gives more choices to users. Being innovative is a difficult task and smiley makers do their best to satisfy everyone. If there's no power each week, it may reduce xat benefits and some users may be bored of having to wait a long time for the release of a new power. It's a double-edged sword. 

    I do not see the logic of repeating powers, there are users who have great ideas of powers and do not take them into account, those ideas could be released every 2 weeks, so the official creators of xat.com have more fresh and motivating powers, so users are not bored of the same powers 

  3. 4 minutes ago, Adeis said:


    ...so the power you are suggesting is an invisible power that other people can see? 


    if that is what we are suggesting, and to make it more striking the gold and the nick have other effects, and if we know that is the effect of the invisible

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  4. This power can change the neutral operation of the powers like (gold and ruby), it can make it more eye-catching, either by changing the basic color and also can give it a bit of invisibility by activating this (this could also affect the nick).
    The initiative to create this power, is to change the basic form, as every allows to change its colres, there are users who do not have enough xats to acquire an everypower, and use only one of these.
    generating a more attractive to these powers and people seek to acquire it.

    command for the peon can change in each color example: (Hat#r#HID#009D71)


    we leave you some examples of the pawns: 


    SDorIac.png byZ3ASM.png  8Yi7R24.png




    copyright for the users : @iWild  and @Mayeyo



    we wait for your humble opinions greetings

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  5. 22 hours ago, Encrypt said:

    My guess is that the admins are only focusing on the mobile app for the time being.


    that does not have anything to do "the powers with the app of xat.com" those functions can be done separately, these cases do not interfere with the powers, since it would be the same in the app as the pc.

  6. Another power of silver? Are not there more thematics for powers? Why do not they pull out a power of function or fix some things that do not work well? instead of repeating the same theme in the powers

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  7. 44 minutes ago, Disegual said:

    Buena Idea, también podría ser facilitado en las salas de chat oficiales de Ayuda.

    U ver la potencia asignada en la página de inicio de sesión :p

    As I said earlier, this power could serve new users who are not aware of these, and avoid so much work with group powers Would be very useful in the xat

  8. 31 minutes ago, LaFleur said:

    Definitely a good idea (not power though!).


    With this being added, we could also avoid this issue here.

    Adding to login page is one of the options, especially since assigned power are shown there anyway.


    Made a preview of how it could be:


    click image to enlarge

    The idea of power is that the new people can orientar more in how to find the xat where they have the power assigned, on the other hand it would take all the work to the user with this option (Many people do not know that this option is also in login) regards

  9. Hace 5 horas, Crow dijo:

    ¿Está sugiriendo una página donde los usuarios pueden asignar / desasignar sus poderes sin tener que visitar cada chat individualmente? 


    Si es así, me encanta! Es muy eficiente para ahorrar tiempo y esfuerzo. 

    Yeah, that's the idea friend, so it will be easier to do these functions

  10. rCqhN16.gif


    This power facilitates the possibility of assigning their powers, in a xat for the new ones since most do not understand, since with a power that is told will be easier, the powers assigned may appear on an external page with the xat where Is assigned the power



    Copyright to @Fannyx @xAndyx


    We hope you like the idea, it will help a lot of users



    Give us your opinion about this power, we thank you

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  11. 11 hours ago, LaFleur said:

    El cohete que gira alrededor del peón sería definitivamente genial! Creo que la mayoría de acuerdo en eso.


    7 hours ago, LaFleur said:

    Un peón de cohetes y un cohete que gira alrededor de empeño sería la mejor opción de la OMI. Aunque yo prefiero el cohete que gira alrededor de empeño por supuesto.

    Sólo creo un aliciente más para llegar allpowers () en lugar de (everypower) sería una buena adición. Algunas personas simplemente no pueden permitirse el lujo everypower.


    Y (allpowers) smiley es bueno, pero no es nada especial más, un poco anticuado.



    Yes, it's fantastic the idea of spin around the peon, only with the additional effect of the stripes that top-down, type effect of the namewave

    8 hours ago, Agustina said:

    O un peón de cohetes en su lugar? 

    Para ser honesto, creo que no es realmente necesario, ya que el (allpowers) que no está bloqueado cuando se tiene ALLP. Creo que es suficiente.


    8 hours ago, Agustina said:

    O un peón de cohetes en su lugar? 

    Para ser honesto, creo que no es realmente necesario, ya que el (allpowers) que no está bloqueado cuando se tiene ALLP. Creo que es suficiente.


    The idea is that the allpower has its own pawn, is to motivate people who do not have the means to get a every, get your peer allpowers: $ if it is a fantastic idea and if it would be necessary, since this does not have a peon Or anything just a simple hat egg, there I leave it for you to think a little more

  12. 2 minutes ago, DontPanic said:

    Who cares about Allpowers? Oh, I know, NO ONE.

    Everypower is what people pointlessly care about. ROFLMAO.


    Then how are you going to get the every, without having the allpower. Think a little friend, user.

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