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  1. Hello Guys


    this power or update is based on the action "ignore" this I do because this action ignore only last a certain time is not forever. what is my idea of this power or "unaware" the idea is the following, that the person can give to another person not deceived "unaware" for some time either 4h or for as long as this person deceives. I want to conclude that this could be of help to avoid annoying people in the community.

    this update could be put here hKp8E7g.jpg as a button with the name of "unaware", when you give the button you could leave the option of how long you could go to that person not deceased,  ignore does not work if a person has rank "has no effect on these people".

    Another idea I have in mind is to create an external link to eliminate that person without touching their nick with a simple action.

    ambien I have in mind to add people who are not on and occupy add it with the id.

    this could be done with the same link to remove friends mentioned above, since many people would not know the codes of / fo use the bot to add another person (this I say to gregar or remove would be optional) in greeting to all I await your opinion on this regards.

  2. 19 hours ago, Bau said:

    Seriously? I just have a question!  - why do not you upgrade to the blastkick power and all the other.
    We dont need other power OMG . . . 

    1 power = first animation

    2 powers = second animation

    4 powers = third animation

    8 powers = fourth animation
    Blastkick With update.

    2 power = 1st animation

    4 powers = 2nd animation

    8 powers = 3rd animation

    10 powers = 4th animation
    We dont need , super or mega another power, because the old power can be update!
    Think about this admin! Ty )))

    This xat is really done for rich people, do not you think of people who do not have the opportunity to buy much from xat? OMG 
    Maybe many people want to have xat.com Personal Group with all the active powers on xat, but you do not allow this, I'm sorry to see this happening on xat now.

    Anyway - power is good make, but not for new power! (( Good work


    I agree with you @Bau , with only one update of the power "blastkick" we had enough, there was no need to remove this power. There are a variety of good "user-made" powers, and they ignore these suggestions, so why do they have the suggestions section for powers? please @Admin we pray that they fix the bugs or add function powers that are necessary for the xat or that they pay attention to the users greetings

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    good power, finally a power that is not repeated, just need to remove powers of function or fix bugs etc :) if they do that, users will not get bored, another council will heed the suggestions of the users, there are users who have great ideas for xat.com ;) 

  4. 5 hours ago, Elea said:


    Why not repeat some themes? It gives more choices to users. Being innovative is a difficult task and smiley makers do their best to satisfy everyone. If there's no power each week, it may reduce xat benefits and some users may be bored of having to wait a long time for the release of a new power. It's a double-edged sword. 

    I do not see the logic of repeating powers, there are users who have great ideas of powers and do not take them into account, those ideas could be released every 2 weeks, so the official creators of xat.com have more fresh and motivating powers, so users are not bored of the same powers 

  5. 4 minutes ago, Adeis said:


    ...so the power you are suggesting is an invisible power that other people can see? 


    if that is what we are suggesting, and to make it more striking the gold and the nick have other effects, and if we know that is the effect of the invisible

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  6. This power can change the neutral operation of the powers like (gold and ruby), it can make it more eye-catching, either by changing the basic color and also can give it a bit of invisibility by activating this (this could also affect the nick).
    The initiative to create this power, is to change the basic form, as every allows to change its colres, there are users who do not have enough xats to acquire an everypower, and use only one of these.
    generating a more attractive to these powers and people seek to acquire it.

    command for the peon can change in each color example: (Hat#r#HID#009D71)


    we leave you some examples of the pawns: 


    SDorIac.png byZ3ASM.png  8Yi7R24.png




    copyright for the users : @iWild  and @Mayeyo



    we wait for your humble opinions greetings

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  7. 22 hours ago, Encrypt said:

    My guess is that the admins are only focusing on the mobile app for the time being.


    that does not have anything to do "the powers with the app of xat.com" those functions can be done separately, these cases do not interfere with the powers, since it would be the same in the app as the pc.

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