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  1. 13 minutes ago, Arthur said:

    With Manage power you can backup your chat ranks. remove the unwanted main owner from your backup file, reset the chat and immediately import your backup file that will restore all ranks, except the unwanted main owner's. Thus, resetting should not be as inconvenient as you are implying.

    ¿Would it be necessary to restart an entire xat for just one main?

  2. 28 minutes ago, Sydno said:

    What about giving them the extra features edit link? This does not involve giving out the password, the user is main owner and only has access to the extra features of the chat.


    We used to do that in the past, is it broken or was it forgotten?

    It was forgotten I think, even if you pass the link you will have to force a reset to that person. That is our idea about this idea. same I think that with to pass the link the main would have less utility would be an owner more in the

  3. 15 hours ago, 6 said:

    You can always change the chat's password after making a co-mainowner.


    I think to avoid having your chat messed up by another user who you have made a co-main, I would propose something where only the creator of the chat can edit and make changes on the chat (who's ID is attached to the chat's email). This means, that a co-mainowner would be limited with to most features in the edit page of the chat, except being able to promote the chat and change the chat's backgrounds. So changing the chat's description, reseting the chat, etc should be limited to a co-main owner.

    what we know about the link, the idea we have at the beginning is; if you have an unwanted main owner you would have to restart the xat altogether to download that person from the main, with this idea we seek that you can raise or lower that person. with the limiting link to other main to change funds and various things. and it does not necessarily have to be a power could be added as an update of the power manager or an external page like the buy or search (I can not think of more ideas) it would be good what I say to avoid resets of xat for a single main node regards @6

  4. 20 minutes ago, Rhea said:

    This is a really good idea . 

    Especially if you do not have to reveal the password . 

    I mean, thee is always a possibility that when you trust someone with your room next thing you know the password is changed and you don’t have access anymore . 


    So with this suggestion you can make someone main ( get to change bg , make someone owner ,  change outer ,) just not room reset . 

    It would be ideal to avoid headaches in the future. 

    13 minutes ago, ANGY said:

    To not share your password you can only share the link, also if you are the original creator of the chat you can reset the password from the associated email.

    I am not wrong to say that something similar to this was suggested in the past.


    Thanks for the suggestion!

    I think you have not understood the idea

    7 minutes ago, Leandro said:

    If i'm not mistaken, you can already do that with the power Manage.

    this would be a different function with the main. 

  5. It would be something like, a new Power of function for xat, that allows you to give Main to a user without the need to reveal the password of your xat to have that rank. As it would be an option apart from the main owner (it would be exclusive for the real owner of the xat) the main owner would not lose its function as we know it today. It would be like a small panel of the xat which the real owner would only get access to with a password. This idea could be ideal to avoid giving reset by a single main owner not deceived. As I said before this will not affect the other main owner could continue to administer the xat. rights for @xAndyx @Yahir


    We await your opinion on this subject, greetings

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  6. 1 hour ago, LaFleur said:

    ¿Podrías tratar de hacerlo de esta manera?
    1. Abre la aplicación de xat y logeate normalmente.
    2. Manten la aplicación y la ventana de logearse abierta.
    3. Ve a tu correo electrónico y haz clic en el último mensaje de xat (Intenta que sea el correo correcto, recuerda mirar el tiempo de llegada)
    4. Autoriza el dispositivo dandole clic al link que te aparecerá.

    5. Cuando te salga el mensaje diciendo ''Dispositivo autorizado. Ahora puedes logearte.'' Da clic en ''Login'' en la aplicación de xat de nuevo.



    Ya me dejo, gracias joven lafleur

  7. 2 hours ago, Leandro said:

    Usualmente cuando te sale ese error, no haz autorizado apropiadamente el dispositivo en tu correo electrónico. Te recomiendo que lo vuelvas a intentar y esperar luego de haber clikeado en el link de la autorización, que apareza un mensaje confirmando que sí se ha confirmado el dispositivo.

    Vale, igual lo hice 4 veces anteriormente, pero volveré a intentarlo.

    Igual muchas gracias joven leandro

  8. Hola estoy intentando entrar a la aplicación de xat pero no me deja, me ayuda ayudar a favor?

    mi venta "Error en la autorización, del dispositivo movil. Por favor intentalo de nuevo." 

    he intentado 4 veces y en ninguna me ha dejado

    espero que me puedan ayudar, saludos

  9. Hi guys



    I come to propose a button for the allpowers, to be able to facilitate the trade or trade of this since it would be easier, it is very tedious to look for power for power. I do not know if this was previously proposed but this function would be excensial for xat.com and would facilitate more the commerce to the users.

    leave your opinion on this subject Greetings and have a good day

  10. hello sorry for not passing this before I've been somewhat busy.
    The idea that I have in mind is that when the text of the hug comes out with 2 anubis next to the text.
    I hope you like my idea is the best thing that could happen to me here I leave the example


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  11. YvO7Tix.gif



    Hi guys.

    our idea of this power is to be able to let your function see who was the last person to edit your xat. this could be handled through an external page, this gives you information such as "date, place and id of which I edit", this idea comes as many people out of badness or anger damage or work encho in your xat.

    I think this power would be crucial for users and official xats.


    If you have any suggestions or changes to this power we are happy to put it in the post, we hope your opinion greetings to all


    rights reserved for  @iWild @Yahir

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