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  1. 2 minutes ago, SLOom said:

    Admins have justified the change of the name.



    There is no point to create a drama because the name was changed. 


    You guys need to accept the changes for the powers and no cry for a small change.

    the same thing, when they took out the power with name in Spanish and armed problem

  2. 3 minutes ago, Admin said:

    Nota para usuarios españoles y portugueses.


    FACEOFF era un nombre demasiado bueno como para dejarlo pasar.


    ¡Intentaré hacer un poder con un nombre español / portugués en algún momento!



    I find it very bad that they rename the power because of a few who do not realize that the xat in multilingual, not only English speaking

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  3. 3 hours ago, Sydno said:

    If you pass the link, you do NOT have to reset the chat. Just click edit the chat features and you'll appear as a main owner.


    The only downside is that you cannot (and should not) share this link on a chat. You have to put it in your homepage (risky), to use a pastebin (risky too) or to share it on another website/software.


    Note: If you reset your chat, then this main owner link will change. They will not be able to become a main owner again.

    the same way you would have to force a total range reset or am I wrong? uhmm I think you're not understanding the idea of this suggestion

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