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  1. But the effect would not be the same? It would be to repeat a power, that bores a little to the users
  2. xAndyx


    I like your idea hopefully take it into account, and leave a little side to the xavi, need to innovate a little, luck with your power and good idea
  3. i do not like idea, ¿ it would not be something like fade? i ask no more
  4. xAndyx


    i like the power, ¿would it be something like xavi?
  5. xAndyx

    Ant Power

    i like idea bau, would be good power, i like the ants
  6. If there is a lot of difference between the 2 effects, it is very noticeable to look at a ruby is original green mind, and then they were adding more colors, please look with more tencion the effects and you will see that they are very different from the 2 pawns, Because I do not agree
  7. Look Phinny are two very different effects of the two ruby pawns and the previous everypower here I leave the two Previous every power Ruby
  8. The last decision is the volunteers and 42, if I take my peon or the rocket the two options are good, I do not deny
  9. My idea was not to hoard, the other active pawns if not give a peon own to the allpower, the price does not depend on my person if not the volunter and 42 Thanks for your mohamed opinion
  10. Why do not you agree? Look that is the effect of the previous every if you look the two pawns have different effects ... I do not know why they have to be fixing in those small details, the idea is that the allpower has his peon, but I see that least despised , Just say that allpower is not so important (is not it the basis for every?) Tell me whether it's a lie or not
  11. Well we all agreed that all power must have his peon, right? The question is that I see that they do not understand that this peon that is proposed I do not have the effect of the ruby, it has the effect of the previous everypower, bone the RED please understand
  12. this (Hat # e # FFD800) would already be a hat and not a peon, and it is not the effect of "ruby" is the effect of the previous everypower the red peon, I do not know why they have that mentality of allpower, for my serious Everypower base do not you think? And that deserves his peon? As eh said this was his original color the "gray" can change color to the peon, we deserve a change in the allpower Do not defeat the allpower, it is fundamental to every
  13. To my opinion the allpower if it has prestige, would be something valuable for xat.com "if they add it or not I fulfilled with giving them an idea" would not use a peon and you know it Unity
  14. The color could be changed, the idea is that the allpower has its own peon as every, that the allpower has a hat ... deserves his peon
  15. Good community, I am interested in this section, with which I thought of a good opportunity to adhere a peon towards The allpower, since it would identify better with the others, since there is a knowledge of some power over, until the moment Power base: These can be possible pawns that you thought, since the previous ones do not suit them. Consists of 4 to 6 smilies about smilies would be like pacman fanatsmas "comecocos", Adhered with a hug. These can be possible pawns that you thought, since the previous ones do not suit them. The pawns would have the
  16. Hello , I would like to show my dissatisfaction with the latest powers. The ruby came out very expensive for users honestly should be a lower price than that, I think the smilie marker does not take into account the recommendations of the users, in short I do not see it sense that a user Have a allpower and have everypower peon That does not make sense, at least that those who have allpower have every and every peon have the green peon, I hope you do not take wrong my recommendation is a good for the community of xat.com greetings and sorry for the inconvenience
  17. awww I like the new power, thanks for innovating this time we hope it will be liked by more users greetings, i would like to add a new hug to power staff
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