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    This power can change the neutral operation of the powers like (gold and ruby), it can make it more eye-catching, either by changing the basic color and also can give it a bit of invisibility by activating this (this could also affect the nick). The initiative to create this power, is to change the basic form, as every allows to change its colres, there are users who do not have enough xats to acquire an everypower, and use only one of these. generating a more attractive to these powers and people seek to acquire it. command for the peon can change in each color example: (Hat#r#HID#00
  2. that does not have anything to do "the powers with the app of xat.com" those functions can be done separately, these cases do not interfere with the powers, since it would be the same in the app as the pc.
  3. Bad boys, bad boys
    Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
    When they come for you
    Bad boys
    Whatcha want, watcha want
    Whatcha gonna do
    When sheriff John Brown come for you
    Tell me
    Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna dooo
    Yeaheah 8-)

  4. Who is not imprisoned of the need, is imprisoned by fear: some do not sleep because of the anxiety of having the things they do not have, and others do not sleep in the panic of losing the things they have.

  5. xAndyx (1400214472) good luck to others
  6. Another power of silver? Are not there more thematics for powers? Why do not they pull out a power of function or fix some things that do not work well? instead of repeating the same theme in the powers
  7. good idea face yeyo there I saw you well, good luck to those who participate xAndyx (1400214472)
  8. As I said earlier, this power could serve new users who are not aware of these, and avoid so much work with group powers Would be very useful in the xat
  9. Thanks for your opinion and your support
  10. The idea of power is that the new people can orientar more in how to find the xat where they have the power assigned, on the other hand it would take all the work to the user with this option (Many people do not know that this option is also in login) regards
  11. Yeah, that's the idea friend, so it will be easier to do these functions
  12. Thank you Thanks for your comment
  13. This power facilitates the possibility of assigning their powers, in a xat for the new ones since most do not understand, since with a power that is told will be easier, the powers assigned may appear on an external page with the xat where Is assigned the power Copyright to @Fannyx @xAndyx We hope you like the idea, it will help a lot of users Give us your opinion about this power, we thank you
  14. De tu boca quiero un beso, de tu camisa un botón, de tus manos un anillo y del pecho el corazón. @Fannyx

  15. I think it's a good idea is easier to walk with GBACK, at least they thought of a good power of functions and that is not always the same as decoration for nick
  16. Yes, it's fantastic the idea of spin around the peon, only with the additional effect of the stripes that top-down, type effect of the namewave The idea is that the allpower has its own pawn, is to motivate people who do not have the means to get a every, get your peer allpowers: $ if it is a fantastic idea and if it would be necessary, since this does not have a peon Or anything just a simple hat egg, there I leave it for you to think a little more
  17. Congratulations solange, you know that you have all my support in this new stage in xat, I am happy for you as I said in xat, thank you for all the trust you have given me HAPPINESS OF HEART
  18. Then how are you going to get the every, without having the allpower. Think a little friend, user.
  19. I'm glad you like the power
  20. Which of the 4 pawn did you like? Or colors?
  21. The images of the power are updated by other pawns, greetings
  22. Good luck to all, I hope you participate in this great contest of xat mundoxat greetings
  23. Hello, as I said before this color will not be the definitive, I am doing 2 other pawns, with the help of the volunteer mike, this peon will have built the rocket allpowers, thanks for your contribution Hello Loba, the idea is to get a peon to the allpower, it would be great if one arrives at allpower and has his pawn, many people have told me but he already has a hat ... as if it were a lot: $ equal thanks for your support regards
  24. I do not see the power clear, I still seem to fade ... just as lucky with his power and hopefully take it into account;)
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