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    hello sorry for not passing this before I've been somewhat busy. The idea that I have in mind is that when the text of the hug comes out with 2 anubis next to the text. I hope you like my idea is the best thing that could happen to me here I leave the example
  2. xAndyx


    I'll see if I can think of something
  3. xAndyx


    I like your idea, I hope you take it into account, ¿this power would have some hug?
  4. (meh) @Fons

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      ¿Qué pasó? (meh)

      ¿Me extrañas?

    2. xAndyx
  5. Hi guys. our idea of this power is to be able to let your function see who was the last person to edit your xat. this could be handled through an external page, this gives you information such as "date, place and id of which I edit", this idea comes as many people out of badness or anger damage or work encho in your xat. I think this power would be crucial for users and official xats. If you have any suggestions or changes to this power we are happy to put it in the post, we hope your opinion greetings to all rights reserved for @iWild @Yahir
  6. xAndyx


    good idea friend , this would be something different from what has us accustomed xat
  7. xAndyx


    xAndyx (1400214472)
  8. thank you for accepting me in the xat family @Bau
  9. I do not know if I understand, "there are bots" with their register too, I see your suggestion unnecessary, and I do not see any sense
  10. first these commands already exist in xat, I think this post is unnecessary since many times they enter the xats "bots" even with register to alter the environment of said xat, second I do not think that xat des activate this protection to registered users and only I will leave it to people without register, as I said before it would be illogical to do these things "as I mentioned earlier there are bots with register"
  11. Power pawns have been added to the post, we hope you like it
  12. Hi guys We come to present this idea of power I hope you like it. In the power we have based on the average age, we wanted to give a different theme to xat.com. The power would consist of 9 smilies (vkskol) (vksiu) (vkfreya) (vkheimdal) and (vksaga) (vktyr) (vkmidgard) (vkniord) (vkback) The codes of the smilies are the following: (vkskol) (vkfreya) (vkheimdal) (vkmidgard) (vkniord) (vksaga) (vktyr) (vksiu) (vkback) Note: all the smilies will be seen with beard and helmet, or also with their viking costume The pawns would be 3, which would be the following: * pawn with bow, with helmet and sheath for arrows * pawn with helmet and vest * pawn with shield, helmet and sword the codes of the pawns are the following: (hat#vk) (hat#od) (hat#ax) (hat#vk) (hat#od) (hat#ax) Well, we hope that this power is to your liking, we hope for the support. (If you have any suggestions for this power you can leave us in this post, and we will try to make the changes) Thanks for your attention and your help regards Rights reserved for @iWild and @Yahir thank you very much to the contributor @LaFleur for his small contribution and advice towards power
  13. xAndyx


    xAndyx (1400214472)
  14. xAndyx

    Souls Power

    it looks nice @6 I would like a power asi in xat, good suggestion oajala we have it soon in xat
  15. Hello Guys this power or update is based on the action "ignore" this I do because this action ignore only last a certain time is not forever. what is my idea of this power or "unaware" the idea is the following, that the person can give to another person not deceived "unaware" for some time either 4h or for as long as this person deceives. I want to conclude that this could be of help to avoid annoying people in the community. this update could be put here as a button with the name of "unaware", when you give the button you could leave the option of how long you could go to that person not deceased, ignore does not work if a person has rank "has no effect on these people". Another idea I have in mind is to create an external link to eliminate that person without touching their nick with a simple action. ambien I have in mind to add people who are not on and occupy add it with the id. this could be done with the same link to remove friends mentioned above, since many people would not know the codes of / fo use the bot to add another person (this I say to gregar or remove would be optional) in greeting to all I await your opinion on this regards.
  16. It sounds interesting, good luck
  17. Would it be something like a game tournament?
  18. some animations do not work well, it's me or I went crazy
  19. Hello, good community, I hope you can help me with the following. I have noticed that some people who enter from the app of xat.com, according to comments can not be seen when someone has married, the pawns, their nick color, or the nicks, is this so or this bug? If so, please review it is a good thing for the community to fix this type of bugs. I know that what I say would not come to the theme of the app of xat.com but I have noticed that the power superblastkick, it makes me that the animations are bug even some do not go well as it should be. If I am wrong about these issues correct and forgive the inconvenience Greetings, I hope soon answer
  20. what good that people get these suggestions of games, is what we need, hopefully @Admin listen to these suggestions from users greetings and good job men
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