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  1. I find it very bad that they rename the power because of a few who do not realize that the xat in multilingual, not only English speaking
  2. xAndyx


    Could I talk to you about this in private? so I could explain my idea of this
  3. xAndyx


    the same way you would have to force a total range reset or am I wrong? uhmm I think you're not understanding the idea of this suggestion
  4. xAndyx


    ¿Would it be necessary to restart an entire xat for just one main?
  5. xAndyx


    It was forgotten I think, even if you pass the link you will have to force a reset to that person. That is our idea about this idea. same I think that with to pass the link the main would have less utility would be an owner more in the
  6. xAndyx


    what we know about the link, the idea we have at the beginning is; if you have an unwanted main owner you would have to restart the xat altogether to download that person from the main, with this idea we seek that you can raise or lower that person. with the limiting link to other main to change funds and various things. and it does not necessarily have to be a power could be added as an update of the power manager or an external page like the buy or search (I can not think of more ideas) it would be good what I say to avoid resets of xat for a single main node regards @6
  7. xAndyx


    It would be ideal to avoid headaches in the future. I think you have not understood the idea this would be a different function with the main.
  8. xAndyx


    It would be something like, a new Power of function for xat, that allows you to give Main to a user without the need to reveal the password of your xat to have that rank. As it would be an option apart from the main owner (it would be exclusive for the real owner of the xat) the main owner would not lose its function as we know it today. It would be like a small panel of the xat which the real owner would only get access to with a password. This idea could be ideal to avoid giving reset by a single main owner not deceived. As I said before this will not affect the other main owner could continue to administer the xat. rights for @xAndyx @Yahir We await your opinion on this subject, greetings
  9. xAndyx


    1. Bau





  10. Real Madrid 2 - Liverpool 3 xAndyx (1400214472)
  11. xAndyx


    xAndyx (1400214472)
  12. INTERIOR http://i.imgur.com/NL2q4EW.jpg EXTERIOR http://i.imgur.com/pTJUABY.jpg Button color: (# 401729)
  13. Ya me dejo, gracias joven lafleur
  14. xAndyx

    494 BOTSTAT

    are not the same functions, but only with commands with the bot?
  15. No, aun me presenta el mismo error
  16. xAndyx

    mention power

    this could suggest to implement it as a code for html5, I do not see it as power greetings and good idea
  17. Vale, igual lo hice 4 veces anteriormente, pero volveré a intentarlo. Igual muchas gracias joven leandro
  18. Hola estoy intentando entrar a la aplicación de xat pero no me deja, me ayuda ayudar a favor? mi venta "Error en la autorización, del dispositivo movil. Por favor intentalo de nuevo." he intentado 4 veces y en ninguna me ha dejado espero que me puedan ayudar, saludos
  19. HI INNER: https://i.imgur.com/W6Trf8N.jpg OUTER: https://i.imgur.com/GDA16ZT.jpg Button Color: #0B615E
  20. hey peñalosa feliz cumpleaños :v 

    1. Mayeyo


      Gracias petro. 

  21. Hi guys I come to propose a button for the allpowers, to be able to facilitate the trade or trade of this since it would be easier, it is very tedious to look for power for power. I do not know if this was previously proposed but this function would be excensial for xat.com and would facilitate more the commerce to the users. leave your opinion on this subject Greetings and have a good day
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