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  1. good, I have returned to the forum 8-)

    1. Lemona


      Welcome back!

    2. Exin


      Welcome back (applause)

  2. Happy birthday  xAndyx    (hug)



    1. xAndyx


      Thanks a lot 

  3. xAndyx


    Because it's going to create conflict? The bot gives member no more, we are talking about the ranges type moderator, owner and main owner It wouldn't have to cause conflict (I also understand that a power can be disabled) I mean we're talking about non-member ranks, and as I said this can be done by a request that comes to you from that rank And as stif said, this would be a usurio power and not a group power
  4. xAndyx


    The idea would be that it is a power of non-group users, because it would already take away the grace (I say I) still do not see it viable that it is added to the ranklock (it is not supposed to be a power of use for the main)
  5. xAndyx


    Well it's also true but I also think, ¿could you add to the guestselft? If it's a little annoying that they give you a range you don't even want
  6. xAndyx


    I understand what you mean, but wouldn't ¿the ranlock stop being exclusive to main owner?
  7. xAndyx


    That's what I mean, it's a little annoying and more when you let them know that you don't want to be part of said xat, ¿then it can be adapted to another power as you say?
  8. xAndyx


    As I said in the post, the more you try to get off, the more you get up or I don't ¿make myself understand?
  9. xAndyx


    Good afternoon guys We come to propose this power (AddRank) that has the function of accepting a range be mod, owner or main owner (the latter is because you can already be given main by the id) The power official that you get the request to accept that rank, since it is annoying that they give you x rank and you do not want and force you to have that rank (since as much as you get off they will get you up) What do you think about this power? Give us your opinion Copyright for @xAndyx and @Jazy Soon we will add photos to give examples of what it will be like to accept such rank

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      Hi Andy  (hug)  

    4. DUYGU


      Happy New Year Andy (hug) Nice to see you again here

  11. Happy Birthday 


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