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  1. A motivation for xat

    good idea men @Bau , I agree with you hopefully apply this idea would be fundamental to xat
  2. KimDragon

    I like your idea, will you have a hug? I hope your power goes out is a great idea congratulations and good luck

    I agree with you @Bau , with only one update of the power "blastkick" we had enough, there was no need to remove this power. There are a variety of good "user-made" powers, and they ignore these suggestions, so why do they have the suggestions section for powers? please @Admin we pray that they fix the bugs or add function powers that are necessary for the xat or that they pay attention to the users greetings

    xAndyx (1400214472)
  5. 470 KXMAS

    good power for these dates, ¿will not have a hug?
  6. Sailboat Power

    I like the idea of your power good luck and hopefully you have in mind, ¿could you add more images or effects?
  7. they were very good, every day you get over more, congratulations my son @Diskan
  8. Change pawn from main owner

    I like your idea hopefully implement it soon in xat, but this could also be for the owner and could be another peon for the mod greetings and luck with your idea

    xAndyx (1400214472)
  10. PcBack Random PCBR 468

    I like the idea, it's something different from what they have been doing (only powers of smilies) would be a good idea to get more powers of functions a question ¿but is that to put more than 2 In one only? @Admin
  11. WIN YOGA

    xAndyx (1400214472)
  12. This smile inspires me in my girlfriend shows all the love I feel for her: $ smilies: Romance Angel good luck to you all xAndyx (1400214472)
  13. 467 YOGA

    good power, finally a power that is not repeated, just need to remove powers of function or fix bugs etc if they do that, users will not get bored, another council will heed the suggestions of the users, there are users who have great ideas for xat.com
  14. 466 | Plants

    I do not see the logic of repeating powers, there are users who have great ideas of powers and do not take them into account, those ideas could be released every 2 weeks, so the official creators of xat.com have more fresh and motivating powers, so users are not bored of the same powers