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  1. Egyptian2

    I'll see if I can think of something
  2. Egyptian2

    I like your idea, I hope you take it into account, ¿this power would have some hug?
  3. Happy Birthday friend @Bau
  4. Heyo, I'm back, Win a CLEAR

    xAndyx (1400214472)
  5. what is the last movie you watched?

    captain america civil war
  6. (meh) @Fons

    1. Fons


      ¿Qué pasó? (meh)

      ¿Me extrañas?

    2. iWild


      No (ugh)

  7. Asif'

    1. iWild


      Hola joven padawan :v

    2. gyulalala16


      helo ez nem rádiochat?

  8. new power Manager

    Hi guys. our idea of this power is to be able to let your function see who was the last person to edit your xat. this could be handled through an external page, this gives you information such as "date, place and id of which I edit", this idea comes as many people out of badness or anger damage or work encho in your xat. I think this power would be crucial for users and official xats. If you have any suggestions or changes to this power we are happy to put it in the post, we hope your opinion greetings to all rights reserved for @iWild @Yahir
  9. A Big Prize [Win 20,000 Xats]

    xAndyx (1400214472)
  10. Bau

    good idea friend , this would be something different from what has us accustomed xat

    xAndyx (1400214472)

    xAndyx (1400214472)
  13. First topic, Hello!

    thank you for accepting me in the xat family @Bau
  14. Protect suggestion

    I do not know if I understand, "there are bots" with their register too, I see your suggestion unnecessary, and I do not see any sense
  15. Protect suggestion

    first these commands already exist in xat, I think this post is unnecessary since many times they enter the xats "bots" even with register to alter the environment of said xat, second I do not think that xat des activate this protection to registered users and only I will leave it to people without register, as I said before it would be illogical to do these things "as I mentioned earlier there are bots with register"