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  1. 4 hours ago, Mao said:

    Really good. You did a great job !

    Thank you! I really appreciate it.

    3 hours ago, DUYGU said:


    Great desings, you did good job


    2 hours ago, DUYGU said:


    I know you really do great work all the time. I lov your all designs and I appreciate you. Good to see you again in the forum. I missed seeing you and your professional work.

    Thanks Duygu! It means a lot :)

  2. Hello. I like to get to every graphics request, and get them finished in no more then 2 days. However it's become a common issue that people are messaging me on the xat chats via FEXmail, and not allowing me to mail back. If you've done this, I'm not ignoring your request. I just simply can't keep up with these message requests, and I don't want to track you down. Thanks!

  3. 8 hours ago, Enter said:


    Awesome designs. I'll be hitting you up at some point (goo)8-)

    Sweet looking forward to it!



    4 hours ago, DUYGU said:


    Great designs, these are highly professional designs. It's like a visual feast with magnificent color harmonies.

    Thanks! I really appreciate it :d

  4. Not xat related but here's a couple designs (thumbnails and a Youtube banner) . If anyone has some projects they've been thinking up and they'd like to try to make a montage or any helpful YouTube graphics, let me know :) Check out my Youtube if you want to but I really haven't decided what I'll be doing with it yet. Only experimenting at the moment.


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  5. Hello xaters,

    I am no longer available to be reached on xat.com.
    If you would like to request graphics, you can contact me via :

    discord @ Tristan#2999


    snapchat @ tjshreds

    Thanks for all the fun, I will miss quite a few of you.

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  6. On 11/26/2019 at 9:31 PM, Angelo said:

    We have decided to slightly adjust the way reputation works here on the forum.


    You may have noticed the unique “trophy” icon that exists now when you go to react to a post. This trophy is now the way that you will show someone you think they've made a quality post.


    This was done to help combat reputation abuse here on the forum, as well as try to focus which posts truly deserve reputation. The trophy reaction should be used for posts that really deserve a reputation point, including but not limited to: 


    1) Suggestions;

    2) Graphical designs or other creative works;

    3) Discussion regarding how to better xat, the wiki, tickets, the forum, HTML5, or any other facet of xat;

    4) Informational updates on xat that you find to be useful or to be a welcomed change.


    The trophy reaction should NOT be used for:


    1) Giveaways for free xats, days, or powers;

    2) Jokes your friends make on statuses or posts;

    3) Status updates regarding information not pertaining to xat;

    4) Inspirational quotes or happy birthday statuses;

    5) New power threads.


    Please keep in mind that this set of “rules” is not an undying will that will be forced upon every post that is submitted on the forum. It is only to caution against users who gain a large amount of reputation in a small amount of time, mainly from their friends, or newly created forum accounts.


    Any cases where a user is found regularly giving a reputation point to their friends simply to boost their reputation will be reprimanded as if you were engaging in reputation abuse. 


    Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please drop them below so we may discuss this new change. This feature is still relatively new and will be monitored for the weeks to come to see if it needs to be tweaked or not.



    So that I'm clear, you're only given reputation points if the award trophy icon is selected? I think it's a bit too flashy for a "quality post" Most sites only use a star or plus icon. I think that people getting reputation from things like statuses actually made users want to post "Happy Birthday" more often. I'm not saying it's good to only wish someone happy birthday in hopes of reputation in return, however it's encouraging to have almost 10 users you don't know tell you happy birthday. Status comments being liked, etc is understandable, just seems to be the only real reason for this. I feel that if a user doesn't get an award reaction now, they could be hostile toward that user and cause personal issues. (Before you got rep for any reaction, right? Or was it only the heart? What if I want to heart something and rep it?)

    On 11/27/2019 at 2:59 PM, Crow said:


    Before this change, Likes were frequently being used to show affection and enjoyment  regardless of post quality , which isn't in the spirit of the reputation system. With the addition of the trophy icon, these same users can continue liking anything they want - but this time they won't be damaging the reputation system, and they won't have to worry about reputation abuse.


    The trophy hasn't simply replaced the 'Like' reaction - it's also allowed 'Like' to be used more freely without imposing on forum guidelines.



    Surely it's better to add more freedom of expression (which we've done by freeing up the 'Like' button) than to simply remove all the reactions.


    But the spirit of the reputation system is to compare people with a trophy (basically being relevant) and some emojis... ?


    P.S. @Angelo I think in the first post it should be made more clear which reactions do what now. As I can't seem to find a for sure answer.

  7. GuKEzQK.pngMmQAHUo.png



    I've also made a new css you can view here (The issue was that mine was being stolen constantly, and xat requires you to have a watermark on anything (including icons) to be able to report stolen graphics.)

    They're watermarked now, looking forward to reporting you all.


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  8. 21 hours ago, Addict said:

    Goodmorning everyone! The results are finally in.
    Firstly, I would like to thank everyone that participated in this contest, you all did a wonderful job and the decision wasn't easy to conclude at all, but after a long discussion with the judges, we have a list of our winners!
    First place: @RobFerrari 1st entry = 7,000 xats.
    Second place: @India 2,000 xats.
    Third place: @Toxic 4th entry = 1,000 xats.

    Please PC me or message me on the forum to claim your prize!



    I've been looking everywhere for you where are you @Addict ? Nah I'm just playin thanks Bryan, and great job to the other winners. 

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  9. 15 hours ago, Shizuo said:

    The Amyy pc back looks sick, gj dude. (goo)


    Thanks, @Shizuo I like to take my time with Amy's designs, she's always been a great customer.


    10 hours ago, Amyyyy said:

    Wonderful job, I love your designs @Toxic!  I love my pcback is beautiful thank you (hug) 

    @Shizuo where are you |-)


    Thanks so much, anytime at all (hug)

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