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  1. Toxic

    Love your icon/profile header man. Keep it up.

    1. Leandro


      Don't lie, they suck.

    2. Luig


      Thank you @Toxic! @Leandro shh pls

  2. Happy birthday bro!

  3. Toxic

    Crocodile power

    Love your artwork. Keep it up. I live in Florida however and see aligators everyday (not the same I know) so decided to try to bring one of them to life.
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    Already time for another album. So here are my favorites from the one I am leaving behind: Thank you all for your support. I'm glad to have come so far in this community with all of you.
  5. Hey guys! It's become common for users to not know how to make their inner background transparent so that the CSS can display the inner background (even before the chatbox loads) First, you'll add your CSS code to the outer background box. ✅ Make sure you remember to save changes. ✅ Now, to set your inner background to transparent, go to your chatbox and click "Edit Chat" ✅ Then click "Extra Features" ✅ Once you're to the "Extra Features" page, scroll just a little bit and find the "Transparent background..." and check the box ✅ & lastly, don't forget to update settings! ✅ After all of these steps, type your xat url with ?123 (example: xat.com/toxic?123) to view updated changes. Hope this helps!
  6. Prize received. Thank you @DjDanny24
  7. Toxic

    Free Background

    Would you be interested in downloading photoshop and figuring out how to extend your graphic knowledge? I'm not hating on your works. They look good. I'm only trying to help you add more to them.
  8. Toxic

    Free Background

    I apologize, I meant to remove the Tiro one. I was talking about the Anon pcback in terms of your signature. (Edited original post) I like all of these, but again it seems there was no editing done. I assume you're using Photoshop? I'd be more than happy to give you tips and everything to help you shape your style a bit. This may also help: It's a graphics pack for photoshop. It includes color corrections, text styles, and some nice textures/abstract. If you don't use photoshop I'd recommend it, CS2 is free.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8ijb4Zee5E
  10. Toxic

    Free Background

    The first couple are neat, though little editing (if any) took place. I like how you fluxuate templates and don't use the same one repetitively, and your image choice. However, you realize on this one you won't be able to see the text once the smilies cover it up, right? Also your signature is very large on it, and why is it in the chatbox? (Just wondering, not trying to hate) It's also very large in 2,3, and 4. Just a suggestion it might be a bit better to have a smaller signature and have it centered for best results. Keep up designing, look forward to seeing your next works. P.S. Don't hesitate to DM me or PC me on xat if you have any questions or want feedback. Always willing to help out.
  11. Simplistic and neat, some could use work but I look forward to seeing what you come up with later down the road. Good work.
  12. Happy birthday, on the house.
  13. Happy Birthday!

    1. Solange


      Thanks Toxic!

  14. Thanks, @Bau ! Congrats to all of the other winners, everyone did great. Update: Prize Received, Thanks again Bau!
  15. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    So I'm trying to be like blotter media and do some cool glow effects, this is my first real example. I can make gif or video like this, will be doing each one that's simple like this for 1k xats, but Im also up to big projects and price can be determined. Let me know!
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