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  1. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    It's getting around that time to make a new album for the backgrounds I make. So after this point, if you purchase graphics from me, they will most likely be in the top album labeled "Newest". If not, private message me on here or xat and I will fetch it for you. None of these items are ever deleted. Also, I've had multiple users ask about xatspaces. I own my xatspace code so I'm only able to edit mine, but I can make it. It's only 500 xats, being that it's not significant, & I hope at some point to have different templates available for this. Anyway, here are some of my favorites from the album I've filled:
  2. Happy birthday Lem!

  3. How would this function? Would you click transfer and there be a list of your powers sort of like the trade engine? I agree with @Nathan , since you're talking mostly about mobile, it would probably be best to just add the trade engine to mobile. Trade engine is the safest way to go, where users can inspect what the trade is before it happens. I think this will complicate things. However it would be easy to return a users borrowed power if they were afk or something of the sort. But, they may never see record of that, so again, where there's a benefit, there's an issue as well.
  4. Toxic

    My designs

    Purple on white is always one of my favorite themes.
  5. Toxic

    My designs

    Glad to have you back Manu. Love the new designs. especially this one
  6. Toxic

    The limit of days

    Another reason this is useful is because FEXBots use days as a way of "time" for bots, and this can be an issue if the bot has too many days and can no longer receive days until it is resolved. Considering you can hold 1 million xats, which equals 76,923 days, this only seems fitting.
  7. As some of you know, xat.com/YouTube is a memorable chat for xat. Admins use to chat here, it was always poppin' under Charlie's management. However, recently the chat has been purchased from Charlie and is being opened. With that being said, we're hosting an UNO Contest on Thursday @ 8:45 EST Come hang out with us and play some uno with us. (We will be playing on https://play.unofreak.com) **You must have an account on UnoFreak to play with us** PRIZE: 200 xats per game GAMES: 10 games We will start over once someone has won, we will not play through until everyone wins.
  8. Inner: Outer: Smiley/Button Color: 77acbe / Clear if optional Inner: Outer: Smiley/Button Color: 89c5db / Clear if optional. Custom CSS will be sent if mine is chosen, or you can use as is, up to you.
  9. ^ This. 28 days is a long time to not be able to utilize your account for a simple email change. 7 days is plenty for a user to catch on if their account is compromised, which is unlikely (but possible)
  10. I agree. The process for changing email is not simple by any means. This is a convenient and needed feature for account modification.
  11. Toxic

    Happy birthday Paul close the door

    1. Paul


      thank you

  12. Did you have more than 1 tab open? Normally if you have multiple tabs open, it only adds them on the specific tab that you add them on. If you want to add them on all tabs, copy their ID and paste /f1234 (1234 being where the ID of the user would go) into the type box of each tab and press enter. This will add them on all tabs you have open. If you only have one tab open, I would suggest adding them, waiting a few minutes, and logging in to make sure it added them properly.
  13. Toxic


    These are nice drawings, and a clever idea. I hope to see this in use.
  14. Thank you @KOPAS for the prize and nice chat!
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