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  1. I just made a background for Jamie's chat Godfather. This is the last chat he put his bot at. I'm still bot owner on his bot, when I saw my fex panel I saw an odd bot, and once I saw it's name was "Hangout" I knew it was Proxy's. I don't handle these things well, it's been so difficult dealing with this. I've sort of disconnected from everyone, it's just not fair... http://prntscr.com/m9jii5 Making the background for Godfather was the hardest thing imaginable. I used the same font he liked for all his pcbacks, same girl we spend hours looking for one night because he specifically wanted her to be in his pcback. He just loved the way she looked and had to know who she was, and we found her. So I used the image I saved in case he ever wanted to use her again, and it seems like this is the last time. I'm so sad... I can't even put into words what I'm feeling over this. Jamie would literally give you anything if you really needed it. I miss you so much bro... I wish you were here. I'll see you again one day man...
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    So I've done a few things and figured some things out and am excited to see what challenges you guys can give me. FIRST OF ALL, I GOT MY OWN WEBSITE, VIEW IT HERE >>>HYPEARTS.ORG<<<< I've figured out how to make backgrounds that are all one image, so that the only image I make is the outer, and make it match the inner and I believe this to make the design match much more. Here is my example where I have this. If you're a designer and would like to purchase this template, PM me privately. If you'd like for me to design you an "All-In-One" Background, message me on here as well, or on xat at Graphics or Home It is not perfect, it is a work in progress. This background is live HERE to view before purchasing. I've also managed to make some animated backgrounds, one is at Home, one is at Toxic, and one is at Graphics
  3. The obituary if anyone wanted to view it. It's also been added to the first post. https://westvirginia.funeral.com/2019/01/18/
  4. Thank you all so much for your kind words. For those of you who do know Jamie, you know how kindhearted and loving he was. He was a huge pleasure to be around, and always kept things entertaining and tried to help out. This is heartbreaking as heck... For those of you who don't know Jamie, but offer your condolences, thank you so much.
  5. First of all I wanna say I know I'm probably not the closest person to Jamie/Proxy, so I don't know if I deserve to post this. But it needs to be posted because overall, Proxy was a great person, and personally I'm going to miss him a lot. This has not been easy for a lot of us, and it's been even harder for his family after losing his mother late last night as well. Proxy was driving and a drunk driver hit him and he was killed. We will all miss you, Jamie. News Article Obituary Please, only positive comments here. <inapp content> ; http://prntscr.com/m8n06i ; http://prntscr.com/m8n0ia ; http://prntscr.com/m8n1ir ; http://prntscr.com/m8n1xj ; http://prntscr.com/m8n25n This guy was great...he went to far with jokes sometimes, but that's really the only bad thing I have to say about him. He bought so many graphics from me, probably more than anyone's ever bought from me. He's helped me with no questions asked, and always had my back. I've run chats with him, I've shared voice chats with him, and he was a really good hearted guy. I pray for all of us who are grieving over this, especially his family. We are making xat.com/GodFather (his last chat) his memorial chat. We hope to at least keep the bot with time to remember our dear friend
  6. Toxic

    Background Contest for Game

    First Entry: Inner: Outer: Smiley and Button Colors (If clear isn't an option via gback): 3e8df2 LIVE PREVIEW: View it here Entry 2: Inner: Outer: Smiley/Button Color: 49b3d6 LIVE PREVIEW: View it LIVE here Entry #3: Inner: Animated Version: Outer: Smiley/Button Color: a3c0e1 (unless you can use clear via gback) LIVE PREVIEW: Preview it here For all of these, they use a css I've made. I don't share this publicly, so if one of mine is chosen I will contact @HelperNate to make sure he gets it ASAP. Also, the controllers only css can be put onto any of these.
  7. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    So I've never been one to necessarily "make" templates. But I took some time and made this one, @Guppy helped with shaping the smilies and I've used this template for a long time, and it's been heavily requested and I've always sort of hoarded it. But I feel that now it's time, so here is my template. All I ask is that you don't remove my signature below the Edit Chat/Sign Out buttons, however you do not HAVE to keep it there. I hope you enjoy this template and put some great designs on it. Toxic's Template To change the color of the smilies (in photoshop): - Select the layer of the smilies, press Ctrl+J to duplicate it. - - Go to Layer Style > Color Overlay > Select the Color you'd like. - - Right Click on the Duplicated Layer and Click "Rasterize Layer". - - Set the layer to "Hue" or "Color", whichever looks visibly best. - Featured in this Template: Colour Overlays Colour Corrections Textures
  8. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    I suppose it's a tad late to be posting this, but I will be making pcbacks for 500 xats and bg sets for 1k for **1 week**, ending on January 2nd in honor of Christmas and the New Year. Message me on the forum or find me at https://xat.com/Home or https://xat.com/Graphics to get this deal. Thanks! Anyways, I've organized a short amount of my recent favorite backgrounds and made a Flickr Portfolio as well as added an album for a LIVE view of some of my work, , so check it out here !
  9. Toxic

    xat.com/CHAT Christmas Background

    Hey man it's great that you're showcasing your work. I look forward to seeing more from you, and if you ever need help with anything feel free to ask. Also, don't forget to check out all the freebies on the Graphics portion of the forum, as well as some more useful things in this topic: https://www.mundoxat.com/foro/showthread.php?8958-Todo-lo-que-necesitas-para-hacer-un-buen-fondo It's spanish, but your computer should translate it for you. Many good resources on this forum. Best of luck with your designing!
  10. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    5 FREE PCBACKS: @Valdoni Did not want his posted to the forum, but is viewable in my newest album and is personally my favorite from the 5. @Booh @Leandro @Blacky @oj Thank you guys for helping me get a little more adjusted to using C4D, and I hope you enjoy your PCBacks!
  11. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    I've added a new album as my latest was getting cluttered. So I've started fresh. Now for the free stuff! -------------------------------------------------------- I've downloaded C4D so if you'd like a PCBack with C4D text, comment here with the below format, and I will do the first 5 for free. I'm trying to get the hang of C4D and need the practice. Theme: Text/Subtext: Colors: Extra Details: Thanks! **P.S. Don't forget xat.com/Graphics is back up!**
  12. Firstly, in terms of aesthetic purposes, the way the powers are laid out in a solid list instead of easy to view with two rows. It's inconvenient and looks messy. http://prntscr.com/lor223 It's not as easy to do things such as change your avatar, change your name, view your xats and days, and change your homepage. It also enlarges your picture, which in most cases, including this example, stretches your picture to dimensions that won't work well being on the chat as 100x100 and having to be larger when you're clicked. The little icons when you click someone are okay, I can deal with that I suppose, as long as they're kept as close to flash as possible. Another aesthetic eye sore is the userpool/rankpool/banpool being at the top and only providing clutter for the users on the chat and making it more difficult to see who's online. All of these are aesthetic issues and changing these is not ideal. xat has a certain look, and it's always looked this way. Minor changes are one thing, but these are too much in my opinion. As far as functionality goes, I don't see many issues. All of the issues I see are strictly the way the chat looks. However the new scrollers look nice and aside from clicking people including yourself, it's not all that different. I also don't much like the new chatbubble on the chat tab and when you get pc's the same chat bubble is there, and it just looks sort of "not neat" (I'm sure there's a more fitting word)
  13. Toxic

    Graphics is Back!

    Graphics is filling up staff positions, but we are still looking for designers from both English AND Spanish sides. If you're interested, send me a message on here, or a FEXmail on xat. Would love to see ideas flowing, and graphics being discussed. Let's get creative and make this chat a great place to be!
  14. First Entry: Inner: Outer: Preview: xat.com/tox1c Button Color: #06131d Smiley Color: #69b5db Second Entry: Inner: Outer: Preview: xat.com/Toxic2 Button Color: #000001 Smiley Color: #ffb56f (or clear if gback is an option) Good luck to everyone entering this contest, I wish you all the best.
  15. Toxic


    Hey, @Admin let's talk about xat's #1 problem. Unfair delists. More importantly, xat.com/Vibes being continuously unfairly delisted. Now, when your chat that you PAID for gets delisted for a week, you're like alright... maybe it's justified, and it's only a week. But when you haven't promoted, or broken the ToS, and you wake up to a PERMANENTLY torched chat... You kind of want to know why. Don't you think it's a bit childish to just strip a chat of everything they've worked for/paid for without reason? When even a volunteer doesn't know why a chat is delisted, you realize there's an issue with xat. So let's talk about it. There's very little room for error when running a chat not on promotion. So you must have been watching very carefully, as you failed to do with Social. For future reference, let's put a reason out there to the owners when delisting a chat, and let's go ahead and relist Vibes chat because we all know there was nothing justifiably wrong with the chat for it to be perm torched.

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