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  1. Toxic

    Graphics is Back!

    Graphics is filling up staff positions, but we are still looking for designers from both English AND Spanish sides. If you're interested, send me a message on here, or a FEXmail on xat. Would love to see ideas flowing, and graphics being discussed. Let's get creative and make this chat a great place to be!
  2. First Entry: Inner: Outer: Preview: xat.com/tox1c Button Color: #06131d Smiley Color: #69b5db Second Entry: Inner: Outer: Preview: xat.com/Toxic2 Button Color: #000001 Smiley Color: #ffb56f (or clear if gback is an option) Good luck to everyone entering this contest, I wish you all the best.
  3. Toxic


    Hey, @Admin let's talk about xat's #1 problem. Unfair delists. More importantly, xat.com/Vibes being continuously unfairly delisted. Now, when your chat that you PAID for gets delisted for a week, you're like alright... maybe it's justified, and it's only a week. But when you haven't promoted, or broken the ToS, and you wake up to a PERMANENTLY torched chat... You kind of want to know why. Don't you think it's a bit childish to just strip a chat of everything they've worked for/paid for without reason? When even a volunteer doesn't know why a chat is delisted, you realize there's an issue with xat. So let's talk about it. There's very little room for error when running a chat not on promotion. So you must have been watching very carefully, as you failed to do with Social. For future reference, let's put a reason out there to the owners when delisting a chat, and let's go ahead and relist Vibes chat because we all know there was nothing justifiably wrong with the chat for it to be perm torched.
  4. Toxic

    My Design Works

    This is really nice, you should make something like this for Graphics with a color theme. This is beautiful, I appreciate this a lot! 10/10
  5. Only 3 days left until this contest ends. If you plan on entering the contest or submitting another entry, now is the time. You can submit UNLIMITED entries. Good luck to each and every one of you.
  6. Contest Information As you might have already known, xat.com/Graphics has returned and have been filling up staff positions. We feel that it is finally time to host a background contest with a prize pool of 12,500 xats. Guidelines/Theme There is no set theme for this contest. The point of this contest is to make a visually appealing background while maintaining creativity. The contest will be based on attractiveness and creativity. Requirements Inner and Outer background required. CSS is optional but highly recommended. -Inner background must be 728px*486 px. -Outer background must be 2560px*1440px or larger. Do not make your graphics too bright or too dark. Background must include "Graphics" and "The place to buy, sell, and discuss graphics". Multiple entries are allowed, but must be contained to one post. No troll entries. Prizes There will be two prize winners, and only their backgrounds will be used. (Prizes may increase to a 3rd and 4th place if there are a lot of good entries) First place: 7,500 xats Second place: 5,000 xats Total prize: 12,500 xats Donations are appreciated, and this post will be updated if there are any. Deadline July 20th, 12:30 PM CST (countdown: https://bit.ly/2lQDmvb) Prize Holder @Angelo - Angelo (18500000) Judges @Tox1c - Tox1c (126984499), @Guppy - Guppy (696969000), @Sydney - Sydney (52656191), @Navith - Mind (75506760) Good luck to all that are participating.
  7. Toxic

    The King of the Forum

    I protect the dukedom
  8. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    All 5 of the free backgrounds have been posted, if you'd like a background or any graphic, contact me on the listed chats above, furthermore if you would like to comment on my work, feel free to do so.
  9. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    @denise @oj @Asphyxia @Rhea @Madses
  10. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    Hi, i'm Toxic from xat, regname Tox1c. I run xat.com/graphics and make background sets(2k), pcbacks(1k), and xatspaces(1k However I can't code much so it won't be anything spectacular, just a graphic with text on it and music) and have others who can do what I cannot at the xat.com/graphics chat, if you need a graphic, I will be at my chat xat.com/Vibes, and at Graphics as well. Latest Album: https://imgur.com/a/mmHA0We Not so Old Album: https://imgur.com/a/5FnuG Oldest Album: https://imgur.com/a/GQMZU *After the first 5 requests have been taken you can contact me or a staff member at Graphics for your needs.* I've made 5 free pcbacks for the first 5 to post and here they are:
  11. Toxic


    Very nice topic. I'm glad people are showing their positive thoughts and I hope others are taking this in and allowing it to impact them. No licensed therapists allowed :$
  12. Toxic

    Graphics is Back!

    The tribute Graphics chat has been revived and we are looking for designers, regardless of your experience. The chat has a fresh start and we look forward to making it a pleasant place to discuss, buy, and sell graphic designs. We are also looking for dedicated staff,as designers can't always be moderating the chat, and that's not all the chat is about. General discussion is a must have, but the main point of the chat is to exchange graphics and get second opinions to help grow and learn new things! Please remember to be respectful and not belittle others. Before chatting, read the rules below the chat and be sure to follow them. Pop in and say hello! xat.com/graphics P.S. As soon as enough donations are received, we will be making a Graphics chat Background Contest! So if you're willing to donate, contact me on the Graphics chat. My username is Tox1c. Thanks!
  13. Toxic

    SN Suggestion?

    Why would someone want a random capital i in their name just for the sole purpose of it looking like an L? I mean I really didn't wanna have to be so specific but I guess it's necessary now. If I'm looking at requests, and I see "MichaeL" wants a lowercase L, sure, seems reasonable. If I see a ticket where someone wants Angeio to have a capital i, then I would say no, because what's the purpose of having a capital i if the rest is lowercase? That is not something that you can reason with. I don't see many users feeling the need to have a capital i in their name unless it's to look like an L, but for most common words/names, the L can be lowercased without confusion, and the i being capital is almost pointless in any case, because if you do BOTH, instead of just the L, it makes confusion and the L is more purposeful. Having an i capitalized is pointless, unless you can think of a situation where it would make sense, which if the L changing was agreed upon, I don't see it making much sense.
  14. Toxic

    SN Suggestion?

    Which is a perfect example of a shortname to deny, if you're trying to use an i to substitute an L, that's the whole point of it being denied. If it's an L and you want it lowercase, that's a whole different story. Daniei was changed to Daniei (using lowercase to demonstrate my point) once again, if it's a common name like Daniel or Michael, there's that exception. If it's only like that on a rare occasion, then there should be no clutter and it should be easy to pull through the requests. If I wanted TOXLC to look like TOXlC, then they could easily say no, because that isn't correct spelling, and etc you get the point.
  15. Toxic

    SN Suggestion?

    If you already have the sn "Daniel" how would someone else impersonate that? For example, if you wanted it to be "Daniel" instead of "DanieL" , you could request that. If Michael wanted "Michael" instead of "MichaeL" , he could request that. Your point is 100% invalid and irrelevant?

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