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  1. Toxic


    Right, we want xat to keep growing so hopefully this will get more and more use but I honestly think sinbin should be updated because I think there's enough rank specific powers, it should work for all. Couldn't have worded it any better, some chats like to have loyal users as staff so they can be "stealth" and then there's when you want to put someone on a time out for a bit for any reason without taking their rank, or if you're ranking someone so that they're not being harassed, and don't quite trust them with rank. Or maybe we could make a second power which does this to both, but puts a longer lock on you? perhaps one that has to be taken off manually?
  2. I actually agree, the gradient is outdated. Why does xat hoard features, icons, and everything when obviously it's not working. At the very least, give them options. Maybe a small legend with a way to adjust the color of it. Keeping the same colorway and style of something for the simple fact of "it's their style" is just kinda pointless? maybe a glossy bar? Maybe a matte bar? (I'm talking about the ugly dark blue gradient behind xat on the homepage) It would make the page look worse? Do you have evidence of this? It's not 2010 anymore and there's always ways for things to be improved to feel like xat has evolved with us. The small english userbase we have now is speaking up about what should be changed and they're being told no bc you assume it would look worse. Why is there no more discussion on the cosmetics of xat? That should be the top priority aside from html5 if we're being honest. Green theme, green everything. color bar on top can come out of an artbrush icn or something? Maybe a slider like snapchat uses? Or just be there bc who cares as long as it's customizable. The blue needs to be brighter and less dark and intense, and possibly could add an option for darker themes or glossy themes. Red in case you were skeptical. But can we talk about Night Mode?
  3. Toxic


    Months Yes No
  4. Toxic


  5. Toxic


    Why don't we have a power for restricting an owner of their power for 24h? Would also be useful for users to be stealth without power. (if you know, you know) EDIT: Why can't we just use the sinbin power on owners as well? Why only mods?
  6. Toxic

    UPgrade typing

    Yes! It's honestly the reason I don't like the power. If you type, it's going to show that you're typing for at least 30 seconds, which can be misleading to others. I agree it would be useful to be able to have the pencil stop if you stop. Possibly even mid sentence, if you're not typing, it shouldn't say that you are. Maybe we could also change what "types" ? (Paintbrush, pen, feather, etc)
  7. The limitations involve everything I'm suggesting. Only Mike can make that happen.
  8. Or perhaps an "official" css outer template with instructions on various different effects as well as a whitelist request form so that it is not abused. I know it can be done, @Anti can do many things and it's what gave me the idea but also showed me the limitations of what can be done by the regular user. That limitation list is much longer than need be.
  9. Toxic

    Can't upload gif

    postimages worked, thanks!
  10. I'm trying to upload a gif to use for my xatspace and it won't upload to cubeupload because it's too big, and when I use imgur it doesn't show. Does anyone know a different site to upload a 130 frame gif to where it'll also work on xs? & why doesn't imgur work for xs?
  11. I think it would be neat to make a group power that allows users to use one of many different backgrounds for a chat. Honestly we could add a lot of cool widgets that let you customize. I'm not a coder so I don't know what the possibilities are, but there's got to be a way for us to set multiple options of backgrounds/color options. I think this would helps users feel more comfortable about being at chats if they are able to choose their own setting. Everyone wins, right?
  12. You want different smilies, or new ones added. But do you suggest what they should look like? Or a theme? Kind of odd to create a topic just saying that you want new things. Elaborate on it. Edit: Now you've just added what @xLaming said. I think this is a good idea because it's the first thing new users see when they see xat. It needs to relate more to now a days, as it is outdated and we could use change.
  13. Thanks for the helpful tutorial @HelperNate I think you guys would be surprised on what people need assistance with, and it's good that Nate is willing to help with smaller areas without being asked.
  14. Happy birthday, Leandro!

  15. Toxic

    Subcolor Power

    But you can use reghide anyway to alter it, so it's really just an extra reghide/subhide kinda power. But how would it function? Macro?
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