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    Happy Birthday  happy birthday neon GIF by Omer

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    Hello xaters, I am no longer available to be reached on xat.com. If you would like to request graphics, you can contact me via : discord @ Tristan#2999 or snapchat @ tjshreds Thanks for all the fun, I will miss quite a few of you.
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    Hey guys, been a while. (the help bg wasn't used, so it was made for fex instead) xatspaces:
  12. So that I'm clear, you're only given reputation points if the award trophy icon is selected? I think it's a bit too flashy for a "quality post" Most sites only use a star or plus icon. I think that people getting reputation from things like statuses actually made users want to post "Happy Birthday" more often. I'm not saying it's good to only wish someone happy birthday in hopes of reputation in return, however it's encouraging to have almost 10 users you don't know tell you happy birthday. Status comments being liked, etc is understandable, just seems to be the only real reason for this. I fe
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