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  1. Thank you very much I really appreciate it. Even though I'm not a Bleach fan but i love the 3D style, would you please add me on xat? /f338876771
  2. Keep practicing, you're getting there
  3. Looks nice, thanks for sharing.
  4. Reyy

    Free Template !

    Thank you alot! I really appreciate that. Looking forward to see your results.
  5. Thank you very much, I appreciate that.
  6. Welcome! Wait what!! "All Seeing Eyes of God" ..?! so.... Rinnegan O_O
  7. Reyy

    Free Template !

    Thank you very much! i appreciate it.
  8. You're totally welcome, hope you loved it.
  9. Which anime is that dude! he looks so sick *-* for a second I thought he had a rinnegan lol. I apologize, you're the 11th ^-^. Maybe next time, I'll probably make another thread soon!~ Welcome! -------- Now that I've made them all, I hope y'all loved what I've did to you.. Peace out!~
  10. Please be more specific next time. I Had to render your image several times to make it work, if you want to request from anyone next time make sure to send THIS IMAGE. Please be more specific next time. Welcome. Thank you!
  11. I apologize, i will continue tomorrow.
  12. @ChrisArts @Godzilla I'll try to finish them all today, please be patient.
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