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  1. Not enough xats This error means that you do not have enough xats to trade. For example, if you only have 550 xats but you are trying to trade 550 xats, you will get this error message. This means that you do not have the other 50 xats to cover what you are trying to trade. You can get more xats or days by going to xat.com and clicking the Store dropdown menu and then clicking "Buy xats days," or by clicking on the "Get xats" button located on the smiley bar of the chatroom.
  2. mapachito (168830371)
  3. power allows you to add flix (animated backgrounds) to your chat. The more powers assigned, the more flixes you unlock, some of which have options. 1 power = SKELETON flix 2 powers = EYES flix Options: 0-3 for different eyes. 4 powers = CAULDRON flix 8 powers = WITCH flix 16 powers = BLOOD flix 32 powers = HALLOWEEN flix Options: 1 for no pumpkin in the flix. Effect: Choose which horror themed flix animation to add to your chat. You can choose from: Skeleton, Eyes, Cauldron, Witch, Blood and Halloween. Colors: Change the color of some flixes (not all of them are changeable). Example: r#g or FF00FF#0000FF. You can go to color-picker to find your own colors. Horizontal offset (%): Change how far left or right the flix is placed. Minimum value of -100 and maximum of +100. Vertical offset (%): Change how far up or down the flix is placed. Minimum value of -100 and maximum of +100. Scale (%): Change the size of the flix. Minimum value of 1 and maximum of 1000. Background: Change which horror-themed background to show on your chat. You can choose from: None, Moon, Web, Haunted, Graveyard, Horror and Halloween. Option: Change pre-set details about certain flixes. Eyes has options 0-3 and Halloween has an option of 1.
  4. Lost access (password and email or access to email) "Lost Access" If you lost access to your account by losing your password or email. Or you have lost access to your email. This form does NOT require payment user: D 1-Login to http://xat.com/ticket 2 -Click on Open New Ticket 3-Help Topic mark: "Lost Access" 4-Subject: Please help I've lost access to my account 5-Message: Hi, I've lost access to the email of my xat account. I can not even login and I can not recover it.Can you please help me? NAME HE ID FROM YOUR LOGIN Please do what you can. Thank you!
  5. The ID has been registered before or was deleted (email reused) and can no longer be registered. A ticket must be made using an existing account under "Lost Access" to have this fixed. Remember to include the ID you tried to register.
  6. Incorrect authenticator code. A. Make sure the time on your phone is set correctly and enter the token then displayed on your phone. B.- Create a ticket at http://xat.com/ticket under the "Lost Auth" department and request that your Token code be reset. On Android: 1. Go to the main menu on the Google Authenticator app 2. Click Settings 3. Click Time correction for codes 4. Click Sync now On the next screen, you will be confirmed whether time has been synced, and you should now be able to use your verification codes to log in. Syncing will only affect the internal time of your Google Authenticator app, not the one in your device's settings. On iOS: 1. Go to the iPhone Settings app (your phone settings area) 2. Select General 3. Select Date & Time 4. Disable the Set Automatically option and re-enable again 5. Reboot your device
  7. 1 lovehug - /hugall bird 2 songkran - /hug sk 3 mom - /hug stork 4 boo - /hug boo 5 tropicalxmas - /hug shark 6- ten - /hug hippo
  8. If you wish to make another main owner, you'll need to either give them the chat password, or the "Edit Later" link. Note: We highly suggest against giving away your chat password, and you should always aim to give them the "Edit Later" link instead. This way, if you change your mind, you'll be able to easily reset the chat to revoke their main ownership.
  9. received my prize. http://prntscr.com/ftbhrk Thanks
  10. 1 Toad - - hat#ho 2 RIBUNNY - Ri3 - hat#hs
  11. Thank you! https://prnt.sc/fsjzji
  12. 1. ca - free smile 2. Jelly - BiteFX 3. Windy2 - Weather 4. Grim2 - carve 5 Trash - Fools 6. choirhug - choirsinger
  13. masks - icehokey - ornaments - xmascandle balloonfx - basoap poke - pianocrush shells - seabottle vacation - vacsun
  14. 1- thanksgiving - chef 2 - fall - harvest 3- summerland - summerphoto 4- Gothic - goth7 5 - costumes - (prop) 6- stick -
  15. 1- work - (chef2) 2 - fall - (harvest) 3- summerland - (summerphoto) 4- Gothic - goth7 5 - costumes - (prop) 6- stick -