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  1. Happy-_April-_Fools-_Day-_DC31.jpg  Are your smilies ready?:$

    1. Stela


      There is a correlation between that and the pins, now think about it (hmm)

    2. LaFleur


      i like turtles

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  2. Pikooo, get your act together and start cooking Same Ethan, I am just like Meow vegan, but i eat chicken meat, jk
  3. I haven't had any fast food in the past 5 years, and before that maybe twice a year, overall not a big fast food fan
  4. I see some Easter backgrounds coming soon, wink wink, nice job, keep up the good work!
  5. Just as a reference, ID 99395469 was sold for 2.5K a while back. Good luck with your sale!
  6. Farewell, enjoy your time on the beach!
  7. This is my dog Bella, Happy Easter everyone!
  8. The pawn is very small, it would just show a small black dots, and also I find it tacky on a big scale the way it looks now (i am sorry) but I don't think that would look good at all, maybe for a Halloween party as one day thing where everything and anything can happen
  9. Hello, this is just a friendly reminder that registering for this contest will be closed on February 14th at 8 PM GMT (two hours before the contest). Thank you!
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