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  1. Thank you Chelly, that was fun!
  2. Hope you feel better soon, being sick during the holidays is no fun. @Lunala, sounds like a nice family day, are you going to color some eggs?
  3. ^_^ Lindt Easter Gold Bunnies are the best!
  4. Who is going to win: Unity, Angelo or you.
  5. Traveling is always exciting,however this year I have my family visiting.
  6. I am very excited about the upcoming holiday. I would like you to share your plans. Who is coloring the eggs in your household? Are you going to be the one cooking the meal? Do you have any family coming to visit? Anything Easter related. Happy Easter everyone!
  7. That is very nice of you trade peeps, Happy Easter!
  8. I think Mike made this power, you can mail him and let him know about the issue, not sure if he is checking the forum
  9. National Mother Goose Day, May 1st, so I am sure one is coming up soon, stay tuned!
  10. My guess would be some cute bunny power, I doubt it will be any type of a power mix.
  11. Stela


    Definitely a feature that should be optional.
  12. Stela

    Yes or No

    Cat would love to travel more
  13. If people use the translator the way they should and not type the slang and/or incorrect words, from what I have seen it works much better, however like any translator it is not going to be perfect.
  14. Well, if we have a fruit power why not have a vegetable, such as tomato, eggplant, raddish, etc. Here are some examples: http://prntscr.com/escikt, http://prntscr.com/escjrr, http://prntscr.com/escke0, salad bowl @Lunala http://prntscr.com/esclf2 of course it is up to a smiley maker but here are just some ideas that I came across.
  15. I guess we have to wait for 2018
  16. ^^That would be in a perfect world.
  17. I haven't really had any issues as far as using a ticket system, because everything is going well, however the vols that have helped me if another user needed help would be @Brandon, @Vale, @Steven, @Muffins, @Mike, @Nick (my personal vet). I am glad we got a new young additions such as @Chelly, @Kyle @Junii and so far they are doing a fabulous job. Also there are some vols that I don't know that well but their work is appreciated.
  18. Stela

    Now that I saw your birthday wishes, it made me think of Foglio, I hope you had a good one!

    1. Karl


      i did until you reminded me of that thing lol



  19. For Austin, don't forget to write on his pcback :I love orange juice
  20. @Lunala But 8 am and 9 am can't be both (GMT+9) will see if I am coming, wink wink.
  21. @dimplef It says here 9:00 am, Tokyo(GMT+9) time, and also Saturday, April 15, 8am tokyo(GMT+9) time. So in one of those times there is a mistake
  22. Dimple that is great, you are hosting another contest as well, lots of bunnies, hehe, good luck to everyone!
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