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  1. This topic is now closed to further replies.
  2. I have seen those chats @dann, they are very handy, I like the idea a lot, you can multitask and have a few things open at the same time, definitely supporting this suggestion.
  3. Stela

    Free Templates

    Manu as always nice work and great templates, thanks for sharing your work.
  4. Her name is Bella, she is a girl as well.
  5. @Chelly , thanks@Lunala and @Bryann for saving me
  6. Thank you @dimplef for hosting and @Chelly and@Bryann for being judges, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.
  7. Happy Easter(hug),users don't forget to join@dimplef Easter Best Pet Photo Contest! 

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    2. Lemona


      Happy Easter AND Happy Birthday Stela! :$ 

    3. Dimple


      Omg @Stela ur bday?! Happy Easter Birth day to you(kiss)

    4. Stela


      Thank you girls!





  8. Thank you for hosting @Bryann and everyone who made the donations, it was a blast
  9. We are in and having fun! Thank you @Melanine
  10. To make everyone happy, how about IDs and powers
  11. I don't see the need for this power
  12. @Kyle did you pick that team? Where is Unity and @Sean,I don't see them playing?
  13. Thank you @dimplef for hosting and @Fiona and @Marek for being judges,Happy Easter everyone!
  14. Bau, it is time for you to go to bed good night.
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