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  1. Hi, as we all know the code [youtube:000:000:7YUwllnvGsI:autoplay=1&loop=1] Can only play once and will not loop another time.. I was wondering if there was a way to improve the code to where it can play OVER and over again and that we can choose to make it where you can also do a list of songs straight from youtube. The code could be like this: [youtube:000:000:7YUwllnvGsI:autoplay=1&loop=1&list=AYoihwR2bGI] Other than that, i wish that the old Youtube player video embed worked. There was nothing going on really with them except people
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there is a EMBed code that is new here that you can use to put chats in your tabs on your Xatgroup? Like advertising them? It's just like this: [youtube:000:000:tXPiMVRtZ5s:autoplay=1&loop=1] But it's to show chats
  3. Can someone give me a clear explanation on why Media players cannot be played on XAT space anymore and will clear if you try to put the HTML code in? Last I heard is that they were trying to update it?
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