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  2. It would be better if the actual backup interval was 24 hours but we could choose the e-mail frequency. For example, if you want the frequency to be every five days, xat will send you ONE e-mail containing five backups with their dates.
  3. Like Daniel mentioned, xat is a very fast paced chatting platform, so everyday use of this power to quote typical posts doesn't seem so useful. Perhaps instead of a one-time use, this power could be used to save, say, up to 5 quotes from users that could function as a form of verification or validation. For example, since xat already employs a search feature (albeit not frequently used), this would allow you to log something a specific user said, including their username, ID, and the timestamp of the original post. This would be very useful for proving bans and avoiding occasional screenshot fraud.
  4. Hello, System problem 26 is an indefinite hold on the account. Therefore, your ticket needs to be submitted under the Account Block help topic - you do not need to be a paid user to open a ticket in that department.
  5. Tanner

    Quick help

    Cover photos: Width: 1737 Height: 256 Signatures: No default size, but no larger than 1000 by 150 pixels.
  6. Hello, To embed a chat, you will need to know the chat's ID and name. You can use this tool to help you. Then, use this code and modify the words in bold: [chat:width:height:chat_id:chat_name] For example, xat.com/xat_Test chat ID is 5, and its name is xat_Test. This means the code will look like this: [chat:728:486:5:xat_Test] To see all of the codes available, go to util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special_Codes.
  7. Perhaps allow + symbol to be used because I don't see anything wrong with it.
  8. + still gets automatically removed. Ex: [font:Open+Sans] doesn't work because it becomes [font:Open Sans]. Fonts with one word names (such as [font:Montserrat]) work fine, however.
  9. Hi, I've tried signing up and creating chats using non-e-mail-hosts (such as info@domain.com) and they appear to work for me. The ones that do not work, however, are e-mails that aren't hosted. What TLD does your domain end with? Also, does your domain contain any words that are inappropriate?
  10. Hello, <embed> tags are no longer allowed by xat. You now need to use BB code alternatives. See here for more information.
  11. You do not need to buy xats, days, or powers to reset a chat - it is a free feature available to everyone with the password to the group. If you have difficulty resetting your chat, you can always make a new one. Good luck!
  12. Your display name and registered username are different from each other. To find your username, go to a chat, and click on your name, and copy the name beside your ID -- this is your username, remember it. Then, go to https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/editprofile.php and paste the name in the "Username" field. For example, mine is Tanner, so I'll use Tanner.
  13. "You will not use automated means to perform interactions with xat.com's systems without permission from xat.com, except public search engines." - xat Terms of Service However, most users don't get in trouble for it unless they're on an official chat, such as Help.
  14. Please remove the screenshots in your original post, as they pinpoint users and contain personal information. Anar meant that even if accurate proof is provided, xat reserves the right to deny you a refund since you attempted to sell xats unofficially (not from the buy page).
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