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    Before I start writing this story, I have to say my dear love is gone, she choose different life for herself and I understand this is how things works, but she gave me great memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life, one of which I'll share with you. Four years ago , 9th of February . It was Saturday and I was getting ready to go out with my friends. I was alone at that time, and of course thought about finding my valentine was dancing in my head . We went to big disco bar and were dancing and having fun. As I was going to order my guys a new round of drinks , I noticed a small girl dancing with her friends. She had black hair, cute little eyes and was wearing short gray dress. I couldn't ...move..my..eyes from her , she was so adorable and cute and I felt like really funny. Suddenly, the host guy in the disco threw a lot of small pieces of paper in the air and everyone were shouting and dancing . I noticed a few of those pieces landing on her forehead and rushed in there to use that to approach her. My heart was beating really fast as I came right near her, said my name and introduced. She said her name was Paren , but everyone called her Crabby. I smiled, and said that she have something on her forehead and then gently removed it with my left hand and then put my hands behind my back and smiled adorably ( at least I thought so) . She gave me the the most beautiful smile and huged me really tight. We were huged like that for several seconds and then I went back to my friends not saying anything. I couldn't talk , I couldn't focus . All I did was pouring alcohol in me and thinking about that cute little girl, Crabby. After couple of hours we went outside the disco and I noticed three girls standing right near the stairs that lead to a disco. One of them approached me and said that there is a girl that like me really much but couldn't find courage to approach and as she was saying that she was pointing with her hand at Crabby. Crabby smiled at me and just noded her head. I approached and asked to Crabby to walk with me a little. We were talking and laughing , and hug each other as we were going to the park . All of the sudden a dozen of sprinklers turned on sprinking small drops of water on the grass. When I noticed that, I picked Crabby in the air and was running with her tru those drops of water . We were laughing like crazy and Crabby was holding me really tight . When I finally got tired I put her down on the ground and she gave me the kiss that sent shivers to my body. We then huged again , she gave me her facebook profile name and then went in the direction of her home. This is how everything started . Of course , we went on a date on the Valentines day , it was amazing. We had 3 and a half years of beautiful relationship and she deciding to go on the foreign collegue was the harderst thing I ever had to deal with. Nonetheless, I wished her all good and even know I wish nothing but the best for that little girl. Crabby, wherever you are I hope you are great and that you find a guy as equally amazing as I am.

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