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  1. You can always bribe me with food.

  2. Wonton

    I never never

    I have never ever broken a bone 6/10
  3. Oh yes, many of times. I also tried other authenticator apps but those still didn't work either.
  4. Hello, I currently do not have my old phone as my service provider does not let us have our old phones unless we are on a different plan.
  5. Google Authenticator will not let you re-sync the time, or anything else. It only lets you add tokens and delete them.
  6. Latest version of iOS, since my phone is very new. iOS 10.3.3. I've even tried syncing the time on my laptop to GMT. This all started after I used mobile, and I've tried everything apple support has provided.
  7. I set it up with GMT time exact and it still says the same. I don't believe Apple allows you to re-sync.
  8. I have authenticator put on my account. I recently switched phones and got my Authenticator set up to it and it worked fine for the first time. I tried it again when I needed to log in again, and it brought up "**Please set the clock on your device. (Time now: 06:58:03 GMT) E33**" I cannot put specific seconds in my phone, so theres no possible way that I can correctly do this. Please help.
  9. I am so very excited for Valentines Day. I set up my chat for love colors and everything :$ |-)

  10. Wonton

    Yes or No

    Oh god no. A quadratic function F has a minimum value of 2, it has an axis of symmetry given by the equation x= -3 and f(2) = 1. Is the answer y= 3(x + 2)² + 34 ?
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