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  1. Hi all. I am selling id 1234321 (reglink ready to use) Feel free to send me Offers by inbox , or you can contact me in xat >>> iAZOverito (1524122178)
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    happy birthday!8-)

  3. Hi, First of all i'd like to mention i am aware of delays in scam department and very thankful to everyone who has tried to help me on this until now. Having said this, i would like to share some facts regarding my experience being scammed, and as a consequence of this... my every power was robbed 3 months ago. The intention of this post is 1) to get some help 2) to show an example of what you shouldn't do if you are being scammed, never trust, and always double check when you trade. Nowadays, unfortunately many people cannot be trusted. I sent a ticket on 26/Jan/2017 (Ticket <removed>. Subject: My everypower was robbed. Please Help) There, I explained (being so polite) that my ep had been borrowed from me and the person who had scammed me <removed> had refused to gave it back to me or the equivalent amount of xats. 3 months later, having sent many proof, i am still waiting for an answer, so i am trying to get my case visible. Anyway i think is an experience that deserves to be shared, is not funny to any person, to be robbed. I guess it would be very helpful for everyone in situations like mine, to know what things should be done immediately after being robbed, as tickets are slow to block the scammer/thief account, not letting him spread all everywhere in multiple accounts or whatever. So any help here, is appreciated. Thanks for reading my post. What i will do now, is to show my proof here (asked a help staff if this could be done so i am certain i am not violating any rules here) Hope this helps everyone to avoid living the same experience as me, even if this boy gets away with this.
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