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  2. Regname: Morenako77 (228973029) Smilies used: (angel#rose2#angel#romance#vrain) xat : Good luck to everyone
  3. Hey a pleasure read again welcome bro
  4. Morenako


    I did not like the idea of butterfly and those things but good job bro
  5. If brother and we discussed this issue and as always no case
  6. Yes, already analyze that
  7. Morenako


    Can you show your work?
  8. First more forms of payments (sms, calls, game card, ect) Second and doing this would have a capital to hire specialized equipment in programming to improve it and thus give a good service to our customers.
  9. Morenako

    Yes or No

    Yes. You have money?
  10. A cover image for forum Text: Morenako Thank you
  11. The @Administración has nothing to do with that are the owners of the bots if
  12. Yes as a test mode on '' Black Friday ''. Maybe it works and maybe not but you have to try it and I think it would be a good idea for these Christmas dates PS: Thanks Crow I did not imagine that this topic was already
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