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  1. I have had to go through my old Facebook to retrieve some of these!


    Poole, Dorset, UK 

    Poole Harbour to Brownsea Island Cruise



    Norfolk Broads, Norfolk, UK



    London Eye, London, UK



    Outside of my house in the Midlands, UK

    Outside_house.jpg  Sky_outside.jpg 


    Tywyn, Wales



    Lastly, here is a photogenic guinea pig I once owned. His name was Archie.


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  2. I've met two people from xat (one of which has not been on xat since mid-2011). They were both in the Southern areas of Britain and I met them in 2013 and 2015. It was a lovely experience! With one of them, as we met in London, we did all the "what you'd expect" to do in the capital of England; go on the London Eye, shop at Choccywoccydodah, sail on River Thames Cruise, and much more. It saddened us that the weather was so beaming our chocolate melted before the day ended. 


    There are a couple of others I plan to meet - one of which who is an American. I'm rather excited about that :~)


    P.S. As you already know me, I'm an utterly boring person so there isn't many who would want to meet, lol.

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