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  1. I have loved the same person deep down for almost 5 years. We loved each other 4 years ago and never told each other. Now, however, things have taken an unexpected turn, so I think I do love him!
  2. I honestly have no energy to reply to birthday messages individually as I've not long been discharged from hospital since needing emergency surgery.


    Thank you for the messages anyway! I had a wonderful birthday...in hospital...laying in an uncomfortable bed, chatting away, complaining about the pain and being stabbed everywhere in my limbs for blood tests. Had a great birthday cake on the brighter side of it.


    Here's a photo of my lovely chocolate cake the nurses ordered in for me: 



    1. Blacky


      I'm sorry u.u :(.  If I can ask, what happens to you?

    2. Injure


      I'd rather not say, sorry @Blacky haha

    3. Blacky


      Hey! No problem (hug)


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  3. Chocolate. It will ALWAYS be chocolate. Nothing else.
  4. Off the top of my head I can say I've never tried: tea, coffee, Dr. Pepper, iced tea (including all of that other tea-names), and a various amount of beer and cider. I'm extremely fussy with food, as you already know, so I've pretty much never tried anything that others eat.
  5. Dominos Texas BBQ pizza. Pineapple on pizza is actually really nice I'll have you know.
  6. I'm currently BFF'd to @Mynewcar. My favourite marriage ended in 2011.
  7. The marry/bff feature doesn't have anything to do with Flirt on its own. Like @Lolppl said, just don't go to Flirt. Simply sorted.
  8. I know I've already said it; happy birthday xx

    1. Paul




  9. A dog (she's a patterdale terrier - she doesn't effect me). I would love to own cats but I'm unfortunately allergic to fur.
  10. That's near enough what I meant, I just couldn't word it correctly, lol, sorry!
  11. What would people's opinions be about having Birthstone pawns? Now, since we had Ruby [July - the old every power pawn] and now have Ruby power [Emerald colour - May - the new every power pawn], what about the other 10 stones of the months? It doesn't necessarily have to be an epic power, each pawn as a separate power, or anything special of that kind, but I think the birthstones would look nice as pawns. For example, since my birth month is October, I've been fond of the idea of having an Opal pawn. Maybe having the Ruby pawn not limited to just Ruby colour and being able to have each 12 birthstone months divided into one power?
  12. As I'm extremely happy to have won the Valentine's Day Storytelling Contest at first place; I thank the dog who I based my story on.


    He isn't with us anymore, sadly.


    Here's the photo of Rocky on Christmas Day, 2015, who I couldn't put on the pastebin. @BryannRockyx.jpg

  13. Lmao, this one's great Sneaky
  14. Sounds like a fab idea! The gift system is very boring, I must admit - and pretty plain too. They need sparking up a little! Let's just hope the price of a gift doesn't change!
  15. Erm, no. Chocolate sprinkles do nothing in a dessert. Try something good, like this:
  16. How can I stop myself being 'anonymous' to other users when I haven't signed myself in anonymously? 

    1. Injure


      It's never ticked when I sign in. Does it need to be?

    2. Lemona


      When it's checked it just means other people can't see that you're currently on the forum and can't see what you're doing. It doesn't matter if it's on/off, it's your preference. 

    3. Injure


      Oh right, I see. 

      I had a couple of users unable to follow me due to showing as anonymous but I wasn't sure why since I hadn't signed in anonymously.

      Thanks anyway!

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  17. Fruit salads? What planet are you on? That sounds so boring - get some chocolate into you!
  18. I guess it's another way of attracting more people to register and become part of the xat community! :~)
  19. Injure

    Some Inners I did

    Admittedly they're nice, but try to brighten them up in the future! Some look pretty dull.
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