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  1. Happy birthday! |-)

    1. MisteR


      :$Thank you! |-) (f)

  2. Injure


    Reading, writing, coin collecting, gaming, sleeping
  3. Happy birthday! (hug)


  4. Happy Birthday !!! (hug)

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Injure

    What is your favorite weekday off?

    Everyday – I work from home!
  7. Injure

    What’s Your Social Media?

    As you know I don't use anything purely for xat purposes lol, but if you want to follow my twitter then go ahead: @autumnchief I hope you've been happier after everything!
  8. Happy birthday dude!

  9. Injure


    Paige (396690600)
  10. Injure

    what's your favourite youtube channel?

    Serial Killer Documentaries and Commonwealth Writers (find others here: The Penguin Writers' Academy). Favourite gaming channels: AbdallahSmash026 and BLAINES (Nintendo)
  11. Injure

    Biggest phobia?

    My fear is surviving a house fire.
  12. Injure

    What is your goal in life?

    My current goals are to complete my degree in English and [hopefully] publish my working-project books. Good luck to you in the future!
  13. Injure

    What is your favorite pet?

    I've always wanted a pet Cheetah, Koala and Panda.
  14. Happy belated birthday!


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