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  1. http://xat.com/La_Stanza and http://xat.com/Aiuto
  2. Happy Birthday Lemona! :$ 

    1. Lemona


      Thanks Negan! :$ 

  3. Hi, i wanna thanks all the partecipants for the amazing backgrounds The results are: 1st place: Paulo @xPaulo 2nd place: Borbo @Borbo 3rd place: MagicDesing @MagicDesing See you at the next contest! @Sydno
  4. General Contest Information: Hi, we decided to start a new contest which the user needs to make a background (INNER / OUTER) for La_Stanza. Requirements and Limitations: You must provide both an inner and outer backgrounds. The dimensions of the inner background must be 728 * 486 px The dimensions of the outer background must be 2560 *1440 px or larger You must provide a matching button color. Your enter must be posted publicly here. Pls don’t create something too dark or too bright. CSS may be used for minor modifications You may post as many entries as you like Prize information: 1st place: 5,000 xats 2nd place: 2,000 xats 3rd place: 1,000 xats Judges: Negan (1100011) MARLENAAAA (104857211) The prize holder is vol @Sydno. Contest time: The contest will end 17-2 at 21:00 (gmt +1) Wish you all good luck!
  5. Good job! i like every gif maybe i will contact you for my next gif avatar it's along time that i don't change mine
  6. Italian, English and French, a little
  7. Negan

    Teddy power

    Cool design, i like the shades
  8. Pcback include my ID, text Negan (subtext use my id, 1100011) Do not include smiley bar please Colours? Black/Red or similar colours. Images? Negan from The Walking Dead TV Series. use ur creativity, i will appreciate it Regards
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