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  1. 2d gifs

    Same here...
  2. Looking for Graphic Designer

    i don't understand, is the graphic designer that have to show me some of his works and if i like, then i can write the details to him the theme is Animated avatar in 3D / 4D Example here:
  3. Looking for Graphic Designer

    Read the topic better, maybe? im not a graphic, im looking for a graphic designer
  4. Looking for Graphic Designer

    Hi im looking for a graphic designer that make animated avatars in 3D or 4D Contact me on xat /f1520456891 Simone or xat Forum I would pay up to 600 xats if is cool
  5. Sell 7 DIG ID: (5550555)

    * ID Sold *
  6. Sell 7 DIG ID: (5550555)

    Bump someone buy this id please
  7. Hi sell nice 7 dig 5550555
  8. Sell 7 DIG ID: (5550555)

    Update: RegLink avaliable in 12 days
  9. The sale of the ID: (5550555) is available for whoever wants to buy it, if you are interested you can send me a private message in forum or chat. i also accept offers Simone (1520456891) /f1520456891 Simone

    Useless... like the superblastban imho
  11. ID auction ?

    1996 1002 66066 22222
  12. Short name transfer request

    Hi, I'd like my short name Simone transferred to another account. Transfer from ID: Simone (5550555) Transfer to ID: E48StigE48 (1520456891) I ask here, because in the other account im not a paid user to open a ticket. and if i can ask, if the ticket i have opened in the ID 5550555 can be closed.
  13. Looking for 3D/4D Animated avatars

    Bump again, no any responses from Ediz
  14. Looking for 3D/4D Animated avatars

    No any responses?