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  1. Here is a thumbnail i made for someones youtube series wanted some opinions or maybe something i couldve done better to make it look nicer?
  2. Thank you guppy ill keep that in mind, sorry they call it a logo so thats just what i called it
  3. i was looking for some firm opinions on some things i coulda done better?
  4. I've been distant with xat graphics and have been doing other things so, to test if i could do anything i made one of my favorite chats a christmas bg but im not satisfied i feel like im falling behind and with no guidence i feel ill fail completely. Any opinions are appreciated and here i what i did.
  5. Hey i just wanted to get opinions on some of the graphics ive been doing maybe some tips too hopefully but heres some of the things ive been making recently
  6. So I've spent a few nights and after maining cloud in sm4sh for so long i grew close to him and wanted to use him for my graphics inspiration I personally dont think i made that decent of a pcback but then again idk how to judge things because i dont judge but here it is id love to hear reccomendations and suggestions
  7. anime - pouty noel - gingerman manga - manga13 carnival - headdress fools - focigar mining - mwheel summerhug - suplane
  8. Yeah i really tried to but found absolutely nothing which fit so i was stuck with that and thanks alot!!
  9. I was wondering if i could get some opinions
  10. I hope everyone likes as ive worked hard an id like to know if this bad or not cause im not sure exactly if it is or not lol
  11. @Chellythe.winner.is.fiona.thanks.everyone.for.participating
  12. i.want.it.to.be.a.dark.theme.with.this.render.with.my.id.and.,username (ArikTheSaiyan)(1506226946).the.render.is. (rendered.myself)i.want.the.render.either.on.the.left,or.the.middle
  13. I.should.just.cancel.this.killing.myself.stupidity.from.more.only.three.people.could.even.take.this.seriously
  14. i.love.fionas.work.tbh.i.wish.there.was.more.entries.ill.prolly.have.to.lower.prize:/not.enough.entries.to.be.1k.as.a.prize.lol:/
  15. Alright, i dont know how to make this clear. Hmm hmm make the edit to be a dynamic lighting dramatic lighting and im upping the prize to 1000.
  16. Be as creative as possible, it really is up to you.
  17. No, the goal is to be as creative as possible and make the photo as creative as possible - it's up to you. I wanna see who is the most creative person here. The more people that enter, the more I'll increase the prize.
  18. Requirements:Must use this picture and make best dynamic.lighting.or.dress.up.edit you can the picture is Prize:500 xats moreppl=more prizes Judges Me,CSYdesigns,Dawix Prizeholder:Chelly Deadline:March 28th
  19. First entry: Second Entry: Third and final entry:
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