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  1. I worked to make a new 2D gif effect explosion and I decided if anyone want to get into making 2d gifs they might need a new effect so enjoy Here are some of the pieces I've done lately : All feedback is welcomed, also I plan on making more 2D gif effects and releasing them so stay tuned, have a great day and thank you for reviewing my material
  2. Thanks friend I always have and always will thank you so much thank you friend
  3. Not many people know this but I haven't been on xat a lot however I've been working hard on my graphics to improve more and more. I know some people might like to talk to me and ect about this so my discord is Heartless#5147 I'm on 24/7 anyway let me showcase some of my recent works!(My deviantart is LittleLostScared) I finished this one just now This next set is just some recent works. I still do 2D gifs/animated avatars anyway nice keeping in touch with you guys!!!
  4. Happy birthday  ArikTheEmo  (hug) 

  5. So I've been busy but I'm back again and just wanted to showcase some recent thing's I've done(Most recent is the zPokemon Background and the Fennekin avatar and the impulse logo) Backgrounds. Avatars. Due to them being animated you will need animate to test. (I do these alot if you want more examples just let me know.) Things for other sites such as youtube discord ect. I welcome any and all criticism, If you think it's bad tell me what you think I should do better. If you like it, Tell me what you like about it. Also if you want anything just let me know. The best and easiest way to reach me is Discord AriaTheEmo#5147 if I'm not on xat however you can also find me at xat Graphics time to time. Thank you for reading this and taking your time to reply if you replied.
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday!


  8. Here is a thumbnail i made for someones youtube series wanted some opinions or maybe something i couldve done better to make it look nicer?
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