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  1. Guess it wasnt explained correctly.
  2. Hello. I know this was suggested before but the suggestion was only for gamebans like the post says, so I guess I can make a new one. How this will be any different from Mute? Well, basically with this power you can ban without NOT EVEN YOU seeing the ban message, like it works for SilentMember, that you can make a member and no one sees the message. However, if you have Events, you can check who did the ban. This power would be nice to avoid dramas on main xat when you ban someone and etc. Name: SilentBan L/U: Limited Hug: no Group power: no Ban hours: any you want, 24, 0, etc
  3. What if I forgot my password? If you forgot your password to your xat account, you can reset it by going to After clicking the link; enter the e-mail associated with your account, complete the CAPTCHA and you will be sent a link to reset your password. Note that the e-mail may take up to 20 minutes to arrive, although that is usually not likely.
  4. Looks simple but really nice. Glad to see my boi improving. Grats, son.
  5. Send me a forum message please.
  6. Here I am
  7. Nice try.
  8. Spank
  9. LOVED this one. Great job!
  10. Hugolino :$ 

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    2. Huugo


      (hug)   , how are you?

    3. Agustina


      I'm pretty good thanks, and you? Didn't see you online for long time

    4. Huugo


      i'm fine , My computer got bad ,
      so it took me a while to buy the piece :(

  11. "CheIf" <<< ? And second I dont know what my entry is... Please correct Pauls bg.
  12. STEP 1: Right click on the chat, and click Settings. STEP 2: Click the folder icon, then click Deny. STEP 3: Refresh the page, and right click the black box where the chat would be, then click Allow. You now have a new identification number! You can now register it with a different email address and username. If you change your mind you can always login to your other account.