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  1. From a legal standpoint, xat only has to relinquish these records once asked for in writing and upon verification that you are you. ID, passport, etc.

    Instead of complete logs, maybe a compromise could be reached.  Categories.  You could request a day log as example for the past 30 or 60 days.  xat transfer log for a certain time.

    Epic powers for a certain time period, etc.  Divulging full information will make it difficult for a lot of users to recover accounts.  We already saw the issues presented when xat had its servers compromised 

    that left hundreds if not thousands of users unable to retrieve accounts due to lack of email updates and disposable emails.  xat also saw how many emails were actually created by other users for them, as well, during this time.  I am just pointing out the email bit because not everyone's email is as secure as we would like to think.

  2. Trade will always be my heart and my xat home. 

    Hyper-Thank you for adding entertainment to our cause and going above and beyond to DJ in between events.

    Thank you to Sydno for allowing me to do this. It was beautiful to give everyone something to look forward too and to see a full house once again with 8-9 pools.

    I respect you so much and appreciate everything you continue to do for Trade and your willingness to always listen.

    Lemonhead, thank you for co-hosting with me and for planning such an incredible event.

    To everyone who donated, you made my heart proud in true Trade fashion with you continual selflessness and dedication event after event.

    To Admins and volunteers- Much appreciation for helping to make 2020 a year to remember when it comes to Black Friday, and for  giving back to the community this year in so many ways.

    THIS is the xat I remember and the one that I am proud of having been some part of. 


    Side note* Thank you for choosing Trader as the power to honor Trade chat and its users this year. 



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  3. On 3/23/2019 at 5:26 AM, Vritme said:

    @Vale , @muffins , @Christina , @Brandon  ,  @ABea ,  @Trey ,  @Manu like all <3 

    I'm still here just keep to myself..until others pull me into their crap.  I stopped talking to most people about 4 years ago.

    I miss people like Spider, Nitro, Gold, Dario, Ana, and a few others.  The way xat use to be.  I have fond memories I will always cherish.  I still speak to some, like Charlie, outside of xat.

    I don't like the path xat took. I feel alot left dissapointed.  Others transformed who they were.  I will always remain the same.  I value the TRUE friendships I have made here and not the power

    or what people have.


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  4. I would have never thought I would reply to this but when you have a near perfect husband like @J0hn how could you not.

    Everyday we spend together is like Valentines day.  You put me first always.  You stand by my side always.  You have remained even after

    all others have left.  You know the real me.  You never judge.  You have never seen me for who you thought I was and only for who I truly am. 

    You keep me sane.  You remind me each day not to fight and of what is truly important in this world.  When I hurt, you hurt and protect.  When I'm ill,

    you are there to support.  When I am joyous, you are there to celebrate. When I need comfort, you are there to guide and remind me God is always with us.

    One thing is true.  You really are there through thick and thin, sickness and health, through the good and the bad.  You are the other part of me.  My soulmate.

    You make me a better me.  And not just Valentines Day, But everyday, you show me how special I am, how beautiful I am, and how thankful I am to have you by my side.

    I love you @J0hn and words alone will never be enough <3 <3

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  5. 12 minutes ago, Blossoms said:

    lmao, thanks for the roast, im laughing.


    Nice to see someone nice like @lemona in the team of contributors. I am sure she will have a big impact in this team. Best girl on xat livin' her dream, they grow up so fast :(:(.


    she is gonna quit now since she made her dream true, wait for the post, pls


    I am genuinely happy for her.  I have listened to her every week for the past 5 years expressing her frustration.  Its nice to see she never gave up and her dreams became her reality.  

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