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  1. A user replying to ticket is not really an option because then it delays the original ticket pushing it back. A ticket should also be created in the correct department based off each individual need. This IS A HUGE problem now that Trade staff is having users create their own tickets to report scams. Its high time that xat or volunteers create something similar to the sticket system that once was in place to alleviate these issues or to come up with an alternative solution. A few volunteers are very informed on this old process that worked for 9 years. They can offer insigh
  2. The pc back consisted of nudity and not only violated trades rules but xats terms of service, as well. While staff of trade can not control what a user chooses for their pc back, they can indeed control who sees it while on the chat. The moderators are entrusted to make trade enjoyable for all and to think of the general good for them.
  3. Flirt was once a great chat for long time users who either did not care to register, care about powers, or care about the official side of xat. It was popular. It has always had its share of innap users and trolls. Freedom was allowed and that made it fun. Old volunteers and official chat staff would often visit with toon names together to blow off stress and unwind..and it was permitted. Back then xat condoned doing so. Those were the good old days of xat before people were 2 faced or hypocritical. At one point in time, you could find many 5 and 6 digit IDs at flirt.
  4. Its always been there. The layout is just new. Not sure of liking the appearance of where it is, but perhaps just takes getting use too. It just seems out of place to me...if that even makes sense. Trying this stuff out is nice though. Actually after going to homepage few times...it looks good.
  5. I actually like it. But what next? Zebra stripes?
  6. Truth always comes out in the end. It is a Beautiful Sunday.

  7. Good luck Sloom! I have been yelling for 2 years. LOL More users do need to speak up.
  8. Volunteers should link admins to posts of importance. Could be just an error or they forgot. Could be that they chose the posts relevant and told admins themselves. There are actually several to do lists. Volunteers use to have 1 of their own. They still may and prob. do. Contributors prob have 1 as well.
  9. yeah and its dumb I wanted a heart on a heart. LOL I know its because BFF and married act like a pawn themselves...
  10. The hat pawn does not work if you are married. Maybe someone else has more time to play with it.
  11. Mario keep thinking. Nice idea but Lag nightmare. Now be happy I replied.
  12. I think its Luca as intense as he is. LOL
  13. Sweety..you know first hand you can not please everyone. I am confident you will do the right thing though. I know that you are more then ready and more then capable. Biggest thing is looking at things from outside the box and taking all sides into account without being judgmental, fighting for what you believe in and training staff and keeping a line of open communication. Be sure to be stern but have fun doing it <3 Be the leader I have always taught you to be. You will be great! I love you <3333
  14. Hopefully you 2 can get along <3 Its beautiful seeing old staff back. Congrats Vale. Now if Ghosty will just stay <3
  15. Agreed Sjjb. You are onto something. Def the fun and mystery spices things up. Users LOVE drama and spice.
  16. I think it too soon... Powers have been way to low for almost a year. The value has just begun to rise. EP is finally around 300k. The lack of powers could just be due to the lack of traders. More people sell then buy as of lately. That could be reason right there...I would personally wait a month or 2. Have a luck of the irish auction with some powers come March when the market is NOT just recovering.
  17. One of my favorite peeps.  Don't this remind you of our old forums posts :o

  18. The reunion continues! FINO is in da house <3
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