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  1. Its fitting because there are many toads on xat
  2. New Pirates with ghost sharks Fast and Furious 8 Wonder Woman New transformers New star wars Justice League
  3. Plumber, a clown, pie in face smiley, smiley with worms popping out, pizza face, fake mustache smiley, jester, poop shaped smiley, smiley buzzing handshake, woopie cushin shaped smiley
  4. I am ex main owner of trade. Thank you for the compliment though.
  5. It depends what exactly was allowed. Its a wide range. I'm not sure I understand the whole concept of it. You can post prnt screens and images now. Posting smileys to me is similar to posting stickers. Allowing this feature would take away from the concept of smiley powers. Or I am thinking completely wrong? Facebook has your own that you can download...why not just apply the smiley concept to that and just categorize them happy sad in love etc....To me xat should be unique and not take ideas that we already have in place and make them more visually similiar to other sites.
  6. Copyright would come into play here to much. I am also confused as to why forum moderators take part in this? Its a chat feature or a forum one? I see him say on xats not forums.
  7. Maybe if I blabbed at the mouth and posted more.
  8. I think sapphire would look better in the glitter effect TBH. But the pink ice is to die for too and looks better with emerald effect.
  9. This happens with every major epic release, or when anything big happens on xat. Users panic and sell all to get ruby. Users selling brings the market down. Trade panics. I tell everyone stop selling epics for Ruby, as it will only bring loss...unless you just want ruby. It is better to wait and save for ruby then take the hit. Lets not forget that in a month we will start to see ruby drop a bit. You can think of the other side too. NOW is the time to grab those golds and purples cheap. Soon everyone will want EP with the updated version of emerald. T
  10. Love the sapphire and the pink ice. Well done Admin Now you have a power everyone wants Everypower for!
  11. I think he just got all his buddies to like his posts and made alt accts. to like them for himself.
  12. Congrats Brandon on joining forums 8 years after me and making Elite first.
  13. I loved this only because sapphire is my favorite stone
  14. I have an idea for emerald that will hopefully make users want it more and will help set it apart from ruby. I want to bedazzle it. I want the hearts on each side to shimmer and shine only. I want the name to stay blue or any color I choose. This is where emerald comes in. a custom code that allows emerald shapes to bedazzle in your name, while allowing the name itself keep its original text and color.
  15. I would pay 200k for sapphire pawn though. Trades having a fit and users are shouting they lost alot. Do something to make emerald great Rename EP to gem and have it change from diamond to sapphire to ruby to emerald. Afterall having EP should be a gem.
  16. For anyone interested in old school xat. I registered May of 2007. Joined sometime in 2006 though.
  17. I think I would prefer reading an interview from zed over another volunteer or wiki editor tbh. I find them more interesting.
  18. Perhaps I would be more positive then if your original post addressing me was geared toward the issue at hand in the first place instead of toward me and an outdated system, as you said. You receive the type of response that you infact give. Am very happy to see that you care. Best of luck.
  19. I would LOVE to know why you guys are so focused on 1 system. It was NOT a decade ago. But how MANY times do I need to say could be ANOTHER SYSTEM even that the ALMIGHTY users of xat create. I LOVE the fact that it is more important to focus on being negative toward me, then working to solve a clear issue that the users of xat have. xat is NOT about me or volunteers or the small amt. of people here but the hundreds of users. Helping them and coming up with solutions to their problems should be priority. I gracefully leave this thread and hope that one day th
  20. I love pineapples and blackberries.
  21. You honestly have NO clue. Volunteers have guidelines. I also said on 2 separate occasions during this thread that it does not have to be MY system. There are by far other solutions to be had for the existing problems. And to be fair my system WAS amazing in the regard that it did not hold up users tickets, delay ticket responses further, and flood a department that CLEARLY does not have enough time to handle. You also should know your facts that staff only reported and it was up to volunteers to decide if enough proof was there. Xat at the time required at least 3 proofs
  22. Yes it is true! As confirmed from current volunteers who even say a user responding to an already open ticket pushes it back on the list. Trade staff was always PROPERLY trained. However...nothing is foolproof so they only reported. Also reporting to trade mods or ticket makes little difference in a trade chat where language barriers are a problem either way, whether it be the mod or the user. Like I said it DOES NOT have to be the sticket system. I'm not happy with the biased outlook that the leaders chosen random should come first over users and their needs.
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