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  1. Post a few lyrics from a song and the next person has to guess the song. They will follow with listing some lyrics themselves. "To all your friends your'e delirious. So consumed. In all your doom. Trying hard to fill the emptiness."
  2. What would happen if you get multiple pools for trade instead? What would happen if you max out pool sizes? .. not a good idea.
  3. Also...is protect being worked on or broke ATM? Have to prove not a robot 20 times to get onto any chat and forget getting on test chat @Admin
  4. Ugg! Truth has always been if you are not known or liked by volunteers...then you have little chance. It does not matter what you are capable of. Honestly...I would be a hypocrite to say I haven't disagreed with some becoming volunteer or opposed others. Often times it was due to mistrust and I DO KNOW that I have a hard time of letting go of some peoples past mistakes and just trusting anyone. I also had a sense of they just were not good enough..always wanting the best for xat. I think this is where people get the "its who you know attitude from." That feeling or vibe. Ju
  5. Again..only Admins can change what is broken. The volunteers/contributors/wiki editors/ community can help by voicing opinion and actually admit there are problems. Like I said...if I learned 1 thing on xat...it is that you have to make noise to get anything done.
  6. This was kinda sorta in effect already when i was volunteer. There already is a very small group of higher ranked volunteers. Unfortunately, this is where most of the delays come in because the tickets take much longer. Its a very closed group and not every volunteer is capable. The answer isn't just add more there either,
  7. Stop bashing the volunteers! It is NOT an easy job. While I agree...their is major delay, not ALL volunteers have access to the delayed departments. Only a select few. Like I said 6 months ago.....the major issue is having restricted access to departments in the first place. The answer is NEVER just make more volunteers. Not everyone is capable. The result you would get is instead a push of a button and a pre made response. I am not saying get rid of the volunteers who do not have time or do little either. Having been a volunteer for years though, I can say th
  8. "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all" ~ Micheal LeBouef
  9. @Admin We have heard mobile takes priority for the past 3 years. It will be the saving grace of xat. But reality is initiative needs to be taken yesterday to restore faith in the users and to improve the quality of the site. People are not on here to "bash" xat. People love and care for the site and want you to understand that you need a wake up call to listen, so that there is a site for them to continue on. There is high frustration level when you are out of touch with what your paying customers want or need and even the people you entrust, are at loss to help.
  10. Point taken! I only suggested wiki editors because they are more knowledgeable in where to direct for help. Free translator app is actually going in the right direction.
  11. They were referencing the "dead" help chats. Not the popular ones. Having multi purpose chats would ensure enough users with adequate staff to actually help. Actually...I take that back..just because someone can speak a proper language does not mean they are capable of helping. An international chat ran by wiki editors would be more feasible, as wiki editors cover most of the languages anyway.
  12. WOW! Karma! Its so nice to see so many FINALLY saying what I have said for the past year, and been criticized for.. @Admin I actually knew you were joking and was going to defend your "star wars" analogy until your 2nd post, where you stated it was on your todo list. We both know that you need your "nag list" to make the todo list matter. I am hoping that you start to see that the "gits" you labeled and condemned me for, are the same users who actually care. Again I will tell you that not EVERYONE has your best interest at heart! I learned eons ago that yo
  13. Could not agree with you more for the most part...but you already know that, as we use to have countless discussions on the subjects. I really do not have much to add or debate that you have not covered.
  14. Have to nag to get anything done I think I logged in 3 times yesterday alone. Forget wanting to trade or send a gift in a hurry.
  15. I wish I could say I am impressed...but honestly I am not. I think the concept and the idea is great. Just the model and design you show is very similar to embedded group chats I see on streaming sites already.Perhaps I am looking at it wrong...as what else should I expect. I am always looking for something that stands out and is different....to me this is a copy.
  16. Essentially, the admins trust the volunteers and contributors to relay the users opinions and feelings, wants, and needs. The ticket delay being backed up because of data breach is a bogus excuse. There were far less volunteers and prob. 5 times the ticket number in my day. Am I going to blame volunteers for this...NO! I understand the frustration level there and wanting to do more. The users, contributors, and the volunteers can only do so much. In the end...it comes down to ADMINS. I blame them alone. Only THEY can change things. I personally feel at this point that they are happy d
  17. I actually am one to disagree and think that the data breach is not to blame for users leaving xat. Some yes...alot No! I think that a large portion of xat users streamed sporting events, radios, game sites, etc. Streaming was shut down....for obvious reasons. Protection and coding were changed. THIS lost a large bulk of the users. I think the only thing to save xat in the long run is to consider what the users actually like, want, and what would bring more. Things like allowing custom play lists to stream music choices, photos, custom movie lists, gaming chann
  18. You are yolking? I am eggstatic for this eggceptional news. I might whisk it and come. The egg puns have been rolling in my rabbit hole for past 2 weeks.
  19. I know from YEARS of personal experience that Bing is better and more accurate. (turkish, arabic, spanish,croatian, hungarian,greek, and serbian languages ) However...I do not know that it would suit an applications needs or xats easier. I like the idea of the translator being replaced with bing if it can be done easily.
  20. Christina


    Here is a game for Distinguished Members only. The idea of the game is to post an image. The next user will come up with a caption for said image and then follow with an image of their own.
  21. You can have 2 names listed on some wall and yet still be known for contributing nothing amongst the users

    compared to someone, with no name listed,  that WILL forever remain in the hearts. <3 <3<3  

    1. Bau
    2. Christina


      WTF what? @Bau

      Read between the lines and figure out the meaning..or take you own. 

    3. Bau


      I understand, but remain WTF (sman)
      Now I'm talking about me! :$ 
      Because no matter the name, the person you matter.
      Who really is important in our lives remain forever. mother, father, children, grandfather, grandmother, friends, and all animals, dog, cat, horse, donkey, even birds to .-...  XD :$ 

      I understand what you mean!!!! (scn)
      About xat i think!!!!!

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  22. McDonalds is just plain gross. I will buy it once every 2 months for a treat for the kids. I eat more pizza then I should. I also prefer homemade hamburgers on the grill. I eat salad 6 times a week but its because its my favorite......I live on it. Confession If I do buy the kids McDonalds..my dinner that night is often a candy bar.
  23. Anar,,, you will be sadly missed. Hopefully you come back to say hello from time to time or join in on my reunions <3 Best of luck in all you do.
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