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  1. And this is what makes you smarter then some. Andre is correct as there is no title given as "head volunteer". However, certain volunteers are given more permissions then others. And usually 1 is given more permissions then all the rest. I use to say it was due to trust. Now I believe it is more due to convenience.
  2. Since when did forums become a dictatorship.....

    Happy Turkey Day everyone.

    1. Valstein


      turkey is a special name ,  you do not write

    2. xLaming


      Lol i didnt know it is also celebrated here in brazil 2day

  3. I appreciate you mentioning me and always being there for me and looking out for me. Truth is I am debating if I want to partake in this subject. I also need to decide how I want to approach it. I guess with pride. For over a year I have fought for the voice of xat as a whole to be heard. I have fought with Admins. I have fought with volunteers. This is no secret. I have fought for the users. For me...seeing the community come together as a whole, and voicing their concerns and opinions and reaching out for that change that xat needs to thrive.....makes me proud. Seeing the few volu
  4. Think of tr4de and answer your own question @TinkerDoodle
  5. Congrats Angelo. You deserve this! Proud of you. I saved my like for you instead of the thread BTW <3
  6. Amazing job Mike. This is now a great power <3
  7. No one has any business to a users account. If the family wants something of value from it, whether xats or just the memories of the account, they can contact admins, as has been done in past. There are laws governing this.
  8. I guess for me despite the safety issues and too address solely what most here have focused on... The title is a disgrace. One made up to honor those you choose. You have failed to honor the original volunteers before there was title listed on wiki. You have failed in giving someone title who was not a ticket volunteer, despite stating the honor is for those. You have failed at learning the history of the volunteering community and by classifying certain individuals who would not deserve based on the "standards" presented, while discrediting others. Congrats!
  9. Actually i could debunk this whole false criteria, easily. There are things only old volunteers and Admins would know. I see honor given to some that were "removed", for example. However...my goal is NOT to take away from anyone, or single anyone out. Also you were not privileged to the discussions to state the anonymity given met only certain areas, while not others. These titles came only after your service, perhaps shortly before. I can also give you a list of classified volunteers who were NEVER listed on wiki, again is not my goal. I only answer to what you state or claim that I
  10. Actually Brandon..having these titles goes against what the past volunteers that you claim to admire stood for. They fought hard to get the ticket system anonymous. They fought hard to keep contributors anonymous. It is only important to a little clique who needs the rank. I can also state at least 3 current volunteers were "relieved of duties" in past. Will you choose to deny them as well? My argument on this still stands. Not you offering contributors a generic thread to vote, without knowing facts on each volunteer. Personally, it became principal for me with changin
  11. I think that some of you are missing the point. The bigger picture is that it is being used as a way to impersonate and scam. Its worthless...just as you said Chelly. I do not want this personal, about me. Even though, I knew it would be. My example of the above volunteer, was not even me. No one has been a volunteer for 10 years for one, to make that clear. I also still help users without crying rank on any chat. It's just what I do. If anyone were to give such a title, it should be admins alone. Not users who do not know stories behind every volunteers decisi
  12. Do you feel titles are needed on a forum on xat. Or are some just over the top? I feel titles like "retired volunteer" is not needed unless you give it to all who volunteered their time in helping xat, regardless of the circumstances. I find it personally unfair because I see some people listed before it was discussed and everyone's business, that were forced out, have it. Who is to say that someone who was volunteer for 3 months and quit, because they could not handle the situation, deserves title over someone who helped 10 years. Who is to say that an argument
  13. How does it feel to know you still can never be me..no matter how hard you try.  

    Leaders are born and not made.  Or in your case bought ;)

    1. Guppy


      so pretentious 

  14. Questioning integrity of some authority around here.
  15. I can not say anything about expression, because each is different. The backs being changed from one another, or having a few more options, will make the user feel they are getting more for their money. the 10 Octo bodies are the same template, aside from unique facial expression
  16. This is not a criticism in Mikes power alone. This is just a general observation, as of lately. Must we use the same template for each of the smileys? It makes me feel its the same smiley redone, which it pretty much is. Tentacles can be re positioned or added, as per example on this one.
  17. Its easy to make a screen shot. Try coding it and designing it. xat MUST keep some of the old to be the same xat everyone is use to and love, as well as obtain some new to draw new users and grow with age. Admins have always loved the classic look...from chat backgrounds on. Its not rocket science. Personally, I found it quite nice, despite all of the work we all know is clearly to come.
  18. I do not think I would put chat manager. You will use official chats and then the contributing chats will want noticed. ETC. Why not add testers to an ever growing list who use the forums for a place for recognition.
  19. Contributors were not made to discuss peoples behavior unless those said people were being considered for a position of "said power." Or being asked if someone like me should have emertei status, as example. They were made to discuss things like mobile. Powers. New mains of officials. That sort of thing. Contributors were made to help xat. To suggest ideas. To be the voices of the people. Not to pass judgment. We NEED contributors. WHY? To keep the balance! So that an Anarchy is not formed with the same users reaching for power.... The contributors are suppose to
  20. Happy Birthday Tink <3  TY for always being there for me and be the bestest friend that a girl can have.  I hope that your day is very special for you <3

    1. TinkerDoodle


      Thank you so much Tina <3 <3 <3 <3!!!! Love you!

  21. Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mothers on xat. I plan to spend it with my Mother. I went shopping for 6 hours today to find her that perfect gift <3
  22. Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you.  Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time.  If you're right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind even if you are a minority of one.  The truth is still the truth. ~Mohandas Gandhi

    1. Bau


      (swt) WElcome to XAT!

    2. Dann


      like X1000000000000000000000000



  23. I think it a good idea. The others are more difficult to navigate.
  24. Lana Del Rey - ultraviolence! Love her btw! "On my knees. Ill ask One last chance for 1 last dance. cause with you I would withstand all the hell to hold your hand"
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