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    I'm more worried that an avatar change has drawn this much attention to the dark side. Too many brownies perhaps, says Obi wan.
  2. Happy Birthday!  Even if you left forums...wanted you to know.  hope your day is great.

  3. Way to be positive Mr Contributor! As Daniel said...this is nothing new. xat needs to make weekly powers to continue to run a site. That is just the way it is. I don't think "unclothed" hippos of a different color, constitutes copyright. Ideas always come from somewhere.
  4. <33333333333333333 

  5. A spin on Molly! very nice. For those that want a little xat history. There use to be a "official" and then "unofficial" chat called home. The main owner there was Molly. She loved hippos. Hense...The hippo smiley/kiss was born and named Molly.
  6. actually xats are not cheaper then ever...unless perhaps if you buy from a scammer. Average cost is still 2.7-3.0. Purple is NOT expensive because so many sold to afford ruby. Releasing some bigs into the market would not hurt. How many can really afford EP anyway? Admins never intended for powers to be so outrageous or so limited that the norm user could not obtain them. Trade WOULD obtain more users in the long run and not the same users on 5 acct. to try and raise prices for their own personal gain. I would be saying other if I felt keeping big at this degree woul
  7. Its about moderation. Prices need to have a good market for users but not be impossible to buy. Users having multiple accounts to raise prices has always been an uncontrollable issue. We can sort of guess that is what is happening here, when a power soars above purple.
  8. It's a problem when it costs more then purple though.
  9. Accessory was suggested. I personally do not look at powers.... Often times power ideas come from several sources and several extensions. Often times 2 or 3 ideas are turned into one. You always this serious? Actually you just wouldn't have been part of the inside joke.
  10. Thanks Mike..Only took 8 years to get it done. (was suggested over 8 years ago to 42) LOL Looks good.
  11. Happy Birthday Beautiful <3  I hope that every dream came true for you today.  <333333333333333333

  12. I barely like any of them............ iF I had to pick one all time fave...hmm. Spell was very good at his job..but that also meant he would sell out his Grandmother. He was very good at telling people what they wanted to hear but doing something else, and saying he didn't. He also ran away at data breach. Jess had his moments of being a great volunteer. He also liked to bully people and throw authority. We all had our moments I guess. Alex was a great volunteer but had power trips....to say least. He was bomb at answering those ticke
  13. We have been friends for so long. You are one of the handful that I consider a true friend. We reverse roles alot. But we always have the same goal. You were my hope and my inspiration for the better xat that we both dreamed of. I failed to get @Admin to see what they couldn't, or wouldn't, because of the bias nature. It's with true understanding that you know where my negativity comes from. Funny isn't it......considering I was use to being told I was optimistic, and it would be the end of me. There is always a new dream of tomorrow. But know this...you have not fa
  14. Or you can just help the people and give them what they want to be happy, so they won't.......... LOL
  15. Not sure why that is worded that way? He may of started it...but he led the community to speak their minds and let their voices be heard. To me the later, was more the milestone. With contributors leaving...we don't see it worded as contributors leaving because Maverick was added. Just an observation. Sorry if this offends.
  16. I knew <3 I don't see it as alot of gloom and doom. I see it as Bry speaking from his heart. Beautiful interview. Even if we don't get to talk as much as we use to, I know that you are always one of the few people I can turn to Bry. You and Mony will always be part of my heart and our huge family <3
  17. Do you realize what modifying would do? Allow unregistered, trolls, spam bots,etc in. These people can not trade so there is no business for them there. Any Trade mod will sell a day if pc'd and they have them available. A minor inconvenience of a few minutes in comparison to inconveniencing the whole chat 24/7. No one is being denied service. @Vale can take the suggestion under advisement.
  18. Why would someone want to buy with a held though? I personally wouldn't. That's also only good for store prices of unlimited. Not likely to get a limited power......... I think alot of users raised very good points. I have little else to add. The volunteers should push for changes, as they are the voices of xat.
  19. It seems the link on the account locked out page that directs to xat account locking is broke. https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special:MyLanguage/Account_Protection http://prntscr.com/hgkpjj
  20. The delay was well before the drama and malicious slander, as you call it. It was due to it and the users frustration levels at having to wait for so long. Downplaying the problem or pretending it does not exist will not change the fact users are tired of waiting 3+ months. I dealt with the beginning of the data breach. I also dealt with disposable emails being a huge issue. I also was there when countries blocked xat and users found solutions to go around it, and the mess that created. I was there when we had to go back in time due to major exploits which reversed users trades and the me
  21. Its not as simple as that. Having a large magnitude of volunteers in the pot confuses things. Its easier to have 1 volunteer follow a routine trail then to have another try, be bad at it, and not know what they are looking for. I disagree that ALL volunteers should be allowed into that pot. It can take years of training. With that said....I do believe that a few more are capable then are entered. I also believe that pot can be separated from the majority of the data breach holds and a few more should be added to cover those. I will make a speculation . Please unders
  22. Sort of bogus post, as all are not listed. Here is everyone else DESPITE how they left. Frankie Joshua Physical Vincent Honey William Alex Brian Maverick Sean are not Listed. And NOT all unlisted left on bad terms or asked not to be included. A few volunteers listed were discharged, and 1 was not a ticket volunteer.
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